Try to win 18 million euros by playing the Loto draw on Monday 23 August. Register online and try your luck to win the Loto jackpot.

Try to win the Loto draw on Monday 23 August and its prize pool of 18 million euros. Become the master of your luck, believe in your destiny and in all that you can do with such a sum.

Register on to participate in the Loto draw on Monday 23 August and its prize pool of 18 million euros. With the FDJ site. fr and the FDJ mobile application (iOS and Android compatible), take part in the Loto draw. With a bonus, 10 people will be drawn to take home 20,000 euros each. Twice the chance of changing your life.

By registering on the FDJ website online for the Loto draw (FDJ. Fr or download the iOS and Android compatible application), you will be able to check your grids, program them there. advance, save them and touch your winnings with just one click. To create an FDJ account with the Française des Jeux and play the Loto draw on Monday 23 August, you must:

18 million euros, a second chance to win 20,000 euros, play the Loto draw online and put the odds on your side to change your life. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can make the people you love never run out of money. 18 million reasons to play the Loto draw online with the FDJ.

The draw for the Loto draw on Monday 23 August will take place from 8:50 pm this Monday evening. The draw will be made live on TF1. The last bites will be accepted until 8:15 p.m. This concerns the mobile application (or the FDJ site) and tobacconists. It will therefore no longer be possible for you to play by this deadline.

To complete your Loto grid, you must first go to the FDJ website and connect to your account. If you have never played online at the Française des jeux site, first register for an account. Display the drop-down menu at the top left, click on “Loto”. Finally, choose 5 numbers among the 49 that will be offered to you and select a lucky number. The grid will cost you 2.20 euros for a simple grid. You just have to validate your grid and believe in your luck.

You have about a one in 19 million chance of finding all the right numbers to win the Loto jackpot. If you are the only one, you can walk away with the 18 million euro jackpot at stake for this Loto. If several of you have the right combination of numbers, then you will have to share this amount.

Playing involves risks: debt, isolation, dependence, for help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (call not surcharged).

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