Beginning locally on the side of Nérac, Marmande and Agen, the stormy episode which led the services of Meteo France to classify the department in orange vigilance, in particular because of the heavy rains, particularly affected the Agenais, this Wednesday September 8 from 8 pm.

The # torrential storms affected the # Agen region, victim of serious #floods. The total at the Estillac station reached 129 mm in 3 hours, close to the departmental record (and for the whole southwest) of 136 mm at Sainte Livrade on July 27, 2006.

TO?? to such an extent that rescue operations are underway in Agen, rue des Charretiers and rue Fon de Rachà ©, in the Jasmin sector. Other evacuations by the firefighters take place on the side of the Passage-dâ ???? Agen. TO?? Agen, where 120 mm of rain fell in the space of a few hours in the evening, a crisis unit was opened in the town hall, as well as in the prefecture. We had to find rehousing solutions for residents of some particularly affected streets. Two people have been relocated.

The most affected area is rue des Charretiers next to boulevard de la RÃ © publique. In the houses of this street, the divers of the firefighters carried out reconnaissance. There are no victims to mourn.

“It went up extremely quickly. We just had time to save our shoes. ”In barely twenty minutes, the water infiltrated the ground floor of Yannick Boyer’s home, resident rue des Charretiers, in the Jasmin district, in Agen.
“We have a meter of water outside the door,” he laments. Refugee upstairs, this Agenais noticed this rapid rise in water levels by reactivating his electric meter, located on the ground floor. pavement. “We have two. One of the two dropped some of our neighbors in the dark. ”

The firefighters made sure, after the deluge, that no inhabitant was trapped in the neighborhood. “Fortunately, most of the homes have an upper floor”, details Yannick Boyer who, at 10:30 pm, still does not see the water level drop. “The night is going to be special” On the ground floor and in his garage, which was also flooded, were cars, washing machine and so many other effects ” ?? ¦

“Rue Denfert-Rochereau, in Agen, near the Alià © nor residence, there is indeed a meter of water in the street, says David Arlabosse. It’s like that until the Sacrà © -Coeur. It’s 10:36 pm and, at the moment, the level hardly drops. From the balcony, we see a car coming. She has water up to the hood and prefers to reverse. We saw them go by, an Uber Eats scooter at the start. It took a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes to reach this level. I’ve never seen that. “

Lying trees, flooded and impassable roads, the interventions are multiplying for, without it being possible at 10:45 p.m. to identify the exact number of interventions since the beginning of the © climatic episode.

But according to meteorologist Jean-François Berthoumieu, president of the Average-Garonne Climatological Association (ACMG), 121.2 mm of rain fell in two hours at the Passage- from Agen.

Restaurants, such as Pronto Al Gusto in Agen Sud have reported damage in their establishments, the business areas in the surrounding area. Not being spared by the rising water levels, just like some housing estates, especially on the side of Sérignac-sur-Garonne.