Although negotiations are still ongoing, Carzzy could stay with MAD Lions for at least 2 more years according to the latest information circulating on the web.

As the month of August was living its last moments, MAD Lions and Fnatic faced each other for the grand final of the LEC Summer Split 2021, a final BO5 for the title, as well as for the seed 1 of the European league. at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. By winning 3-1 against Fnatic in this grand final, the MAD Lions were crowned winners of the 2021 LEC Summer Split playoffs and won a second consecutive European championship title.

As the team prepares for the Worlds, MAD Lions management confirmed last week that its support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser has extended his contract until 2023. His level of play, his technicality and his insight game have grown significantly since being recruited by MAD Lions in 2019 and joining the LEC league, becoming an essential part of his team’s victory. Now 22 years old, the German competitor is today one of the best European supports, recording some of the best stats in his position, especially at the start of the game and at the KDA level.

Kaiser would not be the only one to have opted for a contract extension with MAD Lions; according to some information relayed by our colleagues from the Spanish site esportmaniacos, botlaner Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság could renew his contract with MAD Lions for at least two more seasons. Negotiations would still be ongoing, and the contract could be renewed for three years, or two years with an optional year. If the information is confirmed, MAD Lions could therefore potentially count on its botlane next year, good news for the team and the players before kicking off the Worlds, a tournament they can all participate without being oppressed.

On September 15, we learned that MAD Lions allegedly accused G2 Esports of manipulation and poaching, and called for a vote at a recent owners meeting for Riot Games to review global manipulation and poaching rules. According to rumors that circulated at the same time, G2 Esports would possibly be interested in recruiting the botlaner Carzzy, whose contract is supposed to end in November. If the Czech competitor ultimately chooses to extend his contract for at least 2 years, it could undermine G2 Esports’ plans to want to recruit him instead of Rekkles.

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