The draw for the groups of the Worlds 2021 has been carried out, discover all the upcoming meetings in our article.

League of Legends Worlds 2021 gets a little more concrete this September 22 with the competition’s group draw just completed by Riot. As a reminder, 22 teams will participate in the competition and not 24, following the new absence of the champions of VCS this year, for lack of visa. And these are 12 teams that will join the Main Event directly, the others will have to go through a phase of Play-In.

As the misfortunes of some make the happiness of others, Europe was favored by recovering a direct place in the person of the seed 3 LEC, Rogue, who will not have to go through the preliminary round. We are therefore guaranteed to see three European teams in the competition. The Play-In will be played from October 5 to 9 through two groups of 5.

The top four teams will go straight to the Main Event and join the 12 competitors. The tournament will take place from October 11 to November 16 in Iceland with a double round robin competition in BO1. The top two teams from the 4 groups will advance to the playoffs for a single elimination tournament in BO5 to follow on Riot’s Twitch channel.

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