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If the summer period is truly the ideal time to discover a large number of stars in swimsuits, Élodie Gossuin is obviously no exception to the rule. Always so resplendent, the former beauty queen dazzles internet users with a recent snapshot posted on Instagram. Once again, the new mother is indeed making everyone agree on her incredible figure and her eternal zest for life. Visibly communicative happiness as Objeko immediately demonstrates to you.

Since the start of the summer, social media has literally been replete with posts from gorgeous celebrities by the beach or in front of azure pools. In just a few weeks, Internet users were able to discover a multitude of actresses, singers and influencers in light outfits always chosen with care. Among all these young women who simply shine on the screen, the former Miss France are also very numerous. At the top of the list, the current winner Amandine Petit has not been stingy in this area, as are Iris Mittenaere, Malika Ménard and of course Élodie Gossuin.

We must admit that the pretty blonde is always very generous with her community which makes her feel good. Followed by more than 500,000 faithful, Élodie Gossuin can effectively count on a large community always ready to follow her in all circumstances. Moreover, the slightest of his appearances on the web is always a small event. Also, her fans usually do not fail to genuinely shower her with very complimentary comments and rather flattering remarks for her physique. But if the pretty figure of the young woman allows her to light up the screen, her clothing choices are also praised.

We have to admit that the former beauty queen seems to have a very confident taste when it comes to dressing. Perfectly in tune with the times and in the spirit of trends, Élodie Gossuin has therefore chosen an outfit that once again makes everyone agree. Dressed in a very pretty red two-piece, she finishes off this style with a beach towel in the same colors and a bag always in the same colors. To complete this perfect look, the mother of the family completes her outfit with a Bob hat. If this headgear has long been considered obsolete or outdated, it is nevertheless making a strong comeback this year. The one chosen by Élodie Gossuin thus displays fruit patterns and sparkling colors.

In any case, this choice of clothing by Elodie Gossuin did not go unnoticed. Many subscribers did not fail to congratulate her on this flawless look. Besides, if you too want to emulate his style, nothing is easier. This Bob is a creation of the Nasty Gal house and is sold for the modest sum of 9.60 euros. A ridiculous amount to afford a style worthy of the former Miss France. Obviously another great choice from Elodie Gossuin! But it must be said that on this side, the young woman is used to the genre. Indeed, each of her appearances is scrutinized in great detail as is often the case with such prominent influencers. A winning bet that brands have understood perfectly well.

If of course Élodie Gossuin is a real eye-catcher for her incredible beauty and perfect figure, the young woman also allows future buyers to identify with her. An energetic and indefatigable mother of a family, the former Miss France is not one of those unattainable models on glossy paper with closed features and non-existent smile. On the contrary, Élodie Gossuin reflects the joy of living and it shows! Moreover, when the pretty blonde appears on the web, opinions are unanimous.

For this recent snapshot published on her Instagram account, Élodie Gossuin was able to once again see the fervor of her subscribers. Indeed, the compliments are raining: “For a mother of 4 children, you are perfect”, “The most beautiful smile on Instagram”, “You are really beautiful Miss Mom”. Liked more than 16,000 times, this photo has in any case had the gift of making its followers react in numbers. “Too too beautiful Élodie”, “You explain to me how you manage to have the figure after having had your children”, “Always so beautiful”, “Nice photo”, “Very beautiful Élodie. What a superb body after two pairs of twins ”. A real full box!

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