On behalf of the second day of the Champions League, Bayern Munich receives Dynamo Kiev. A meeting that seems very unbalanced which should logically turn to the advantage of the German team. Can Ukrainians surprise people like 21 years ago?

During the group stage of the Champions League, there are many posters that seem unbalanced on paper. And like every year, a few “little thumbs” manage to create a feat against teams claiming final victory. In this 67th edition, Manchester United have already been overthrown by Young Boys while Real Madrid lost on Tuesday against Moldovan club Sheriff Tiraspol. A completely unexpected scenario that Dynamo Kiev would like to reproduce on the road at Bayern Munich tonight. The mission promises to be almost impossible for the Ukrainians who face Bavarians in full flurry and who slapped FC Barcelona at Camp Nou (0-3) on the first day. However, it would not be the first time in history that the Whites and Blues have surprised Munich. To find traces of Dynamo’s last victory against Bayern, we have to go back to March 22, 2000, about 21 years ago, also the date of the last confrontation between these two teams.

Before looking at the course of the game, a little information seems interesting to know. The meeting took place at the Olympic Stadium also called NSK Olimpiyskyi. An enclosure which will be renamed “Dynamo Lobanovski stadium” in 2002 in homage to Valeri Lobanovski, former coach of Dynamo Kiev between 1997 and 2002 and who was therefore on the bench for this match of March 22, 2000 against Bayern. In their den, the Ukrainians created the feat of disposing of the Germans 2-0. A player well known to football watchers opened the scoring. An iconic AC Milan defender and midfielder, it was Kakha Kaladze who ignited an entire stadium in the 34th minute. The Georgian in the 284 matches played with the Rossoneri from 2001 to 2010 is followed by his teammate Demetradze. The latter scored a second goal in the 71st minute and sealed the success of the Ukrainians. Despite this victory, they will not manage to climb out of this group C. They will point to 3rd place, tied on points with Real Madrid but behind the Spanish club. Bayern finished first with 13 units.

The surprise was total for the Ukrainians! Far from being favorites, Dynamo Kiev won against the side that will win the Champions League the following year. Having said that, it should also be remembered that at that time Dynamo was the “king” in the Ukrainian league. It’s simple, he won the title from 1993 to 2001. As far as Bayern Munich are concerned, domestic dominance was not so obvious in the 1990s but the record remains more than satisfactory. After a coronation in 1997, they failed the following year before winning the Bundesliga the 3 following editions (1999, 2000 and 2001).

Before the kickoff of this Bayern Munich – Dynamo Kiev, it should be known that while the Ukrainians managed to win 3 times against the Bavarians, they never managed to secure a success on German soil.

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