Traveling to Alençon to support police officers targeted by fireworks, Marine Le Pen had a tense exchange with a young resident of the Orne prefecture this Thursday morning :

“Have you heard the offenders say: ‘It is because the police are entering the city that we are defending ourselves’?” Marine Le Pen objected.

“Maybe it’s not because of the mortars, but the police smears we’re not talking about that,” replied the 16-year-old.

“I come from abroad, I can tell you that abroad, this kind of phenomenon does not unfold, that is a certainty”, assured © the candidate of the National Assembly for the presidential election.

The candidate of the National Rally went to the Orne prefecture, where about 25,000 inhabitants are registered, in support of the police after urban violence broke out earlier this week and that members of the security forces were targeted by fireworks.

Ã? Ric Zemmour is “certainly anti-Semitic, obviously racist”, declared Wednesday the chief rabbi of France Haïm Korsia on France 2. According to Jean-Luc Mà © lenchon, à ?? ric Zemmour is he anti-Semitic?

Visiting Guyana, Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon recently visited the Guyanese space center in Kourou, a French and European launch base.

“France must remain a great space power and if I am elected, count on me to do so”, assures Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon.

“If popular circles are going to vote, I will be in the second round, if they do not go, I will be beaten,” said the candidate for the third time in the presidential election.

While Marine Le Pen moves to Alençon this Thursday morning to support the police officers targeted by fireworks, Jean-Luc Mà © lenchon sharply challenges his rival for the Presidential election and, at the margin, Ã? ric Zemmour:

“These are the police who convinced me (of the legalization of cannabis, Editor’s note)”, assures this Thursday on BFMTV Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon, who explains having changed his mind.

“The solution to legalize is also to allow campaigns against the excessive use of cannabis, exactly as we did for alcohol. You have two solutions, prohibition, it has happened. made in the United States, it allows crime to develop. And then when it is authorized, (…) it gives you how France has gradually succeeded in developing itself. © barring a mass alcoholism, which once ravaged it “, compares Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon.

“All this reveals the disastrous organization of the police and those who deal with trafficking”, estimated this Thursday Jean-Luc Mà © lenchon on BFMTV, after the violence which erupted at the start of the week in Lyon and Alençon with the fight against drug trafficking as a backdrop.

“The problem is not to be dealt with in the field of the deal, it is to be dealt with in the sectors which organize,” said the deputy of Bouches-du-Rhône.

The Minister of the Interior GÃ © rald Darmanin goes this Thursday in Moselle, to the Jewish cemetery of Sarre-Union, where 269 graves had been desecrated in 2015.

After Sandrine Rousseau’s defeat in the environmentalist primary, won by MEP Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc MÃ © lenchon said in private that he could have joined the Economist, according to information from BFMTV.

While traveling in Guyana, the parliamentarian denounced on Twitter Tuesday the fact of having undergone “pat-down, emptying of (his) luggage, restitution in heaps of (his) well-unpacked belongings”, seeing it as an “ultimate bullying of ‘the authority’ at Guyana airport”.

The new leader of the group La France insoumise (LFI) at the National Assembly Mathilde Panot defended on Thursday a moratorium on bed closures in public hospitals. 20% of these beds are currently closed, according to the Scientific Council.

“We are continuing the bed closures in our country: it is an absolute scandal”, added the deputy of Val-de-Marne, deploring the drop in allocations to the public hospital on the Macron five-year term.

On the 32-hour week, Anne Hidalgo declares that “the trade unions will be able to take up (…) this subject, and they will take it up voluntarily”.

“Nobody says that we must define a working time for everyone. (…) What I am saying is that we need negotiation, we must leave each sector of activity © to decide “continues the edile, who wants” to trust the social dialogue “.

The employers “agree to say and to note that wages in France are much too low”, assures Anne Hidalgo who wants to increase the minimum wage and a negotiation on wages.

“We must review working conditions and salaries (…) It is too hard to work in the hospital”, also supports the socialist candidate.

“I spent a year building this political organization,” continues the presidential candidate. An organization “which relies both on this French team of mayors but also on the Socialist Party”, continues the mayor of Paris.

The socialist mayor of Paris, presidential candidate, will be interviewed this Thursday morning by Jean-Jacques Bourdin on BFMTV and RMC.

The Prime Minister is going to Lorient (Morbihan) this Thursday for a visit on the theme of local justice.

While vehicles were set on fire and police officers targeted with fireworks mortars on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in Alençon (Orne), Marine Le Pen surrendered this Thursday morning in the town.