8h00 â ???? Diving (M): 3 m springboard (eliminatory) – Alexis Jandard 8:50 a.m .. Weightlifting (F): 87 kg –
Gaà «lle Nayo-Ketchanke10h00 â ???? Horse riding (H): Competition
by teams (show jumping) – France (Christopher Six, Karim Florent
Laghouag Nicolas Touzaint). 10h00 â ???? Gymnastics (H): Rings
men (Final) – Samir Aït Saïd12h25 â ???? Athlete (F):
200m (semi-final) â ???? Gemima Joseph12h30 â ???? Synchronized swimming (F):
Duet event (free program, playoffs) – Charlotte Tremble, Laura
Aspen. 12:30 p.m. â € “ Table tennis (H): Par
Teams (quarter-final) – France â ???? China.
2:15 p.m. â ???? Athlete (M): 3000 m steeplechase (final) – Alexis Phelut

ð ???? “ð ???? · ð ???? ´â ???? The French women’s team pursuit team ranks 5th in qualifying, improving its record by 5 seconds # Tokyo2020 #JeuxOlympiquesFollow the Olympics live â ?? ¶https: //t.co/ U2iuRWiRbi pic.twitter.com/of0W3MYfYN

Athletics: Women’s Discus Throw (1:00 p.m.), 3000m
Steeplechase men (2:15 p.m.), 5000m women (2:40 p.m.) Badminton: Singles men (1:50 p.m.) Track cycling: Speed ​​by women’s teams (11:09 a.m.) Artistic gymnastics: Rings men (10:00 a.m.), Floor exercises for women (10:57 a.m.),
vault men (11.51am) Weightlifting: 87kg women (8.50am), 87kg women (12.50pm) Greco-Roman wrestling: 60kg men and 130kg men (from 12.30pm) Freestyle: 76kg women (13.55pm) Horse riding: Eventing by teams (10:00 a.m.), eventing
individual (13:45) Shooting: 50m rifle men (9:50)

â ?? ¡ð ???? © ð ???? ª The German track cycling pursuit team smash the world record of almost 3 seconds in qualifying # Tokyo2020 #Olympic GamesFollow the Olympics live â ?? ¶https: //t.co/U2iuRWiRbi pic.twitter.com/uL702cwMYP

French, entered in the final of the 87kg women, has just finished the part of
lâ ???? torn off. Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke has lifted 103kg, 106kg and 108kg. This places it
tied for fifth with American Rogers.

ð ???? “ð ???? · ð ?? ¥ ?? The French Jean Quiquampoix climbs on the highest step of the podium and offers the 6th Marseillaise to France after his title in pistol shooting. # Tokyo2020 #Olympic GamesFollow the Olympics live â ?? ¶https: // t. co / U2iuRWiRbi pic.twitter.com/eSpPsJZ7vb

Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu became Olympic doubles champions
in badminton. They dominated in the final the Chinese pair Chen-Jia (21-19,
21-15). The bronze medal went to the South Korean duo in Hong-Kim.

The Tokyo Olympics sailing regattas scheduled for Monday on the Enoshima site, including the 49er ladies and gentlemen finals, have been postponed until Tuesday for lack of wind, the organizers announced. Scheduled at 7:33 and 8:33 am, the 49er FX (women) and 49er (men) finals will be played on Tuesday, the same day as two other finals on the schedule, those of Finn and Nacra 17, organizers said. early afternoon.

The last two rounds of 470 ladies and gentlemen, which were to take place on Monday, are also postponed to Tuesday, before the two finals scheduled for Wednesday. Since the start of the Olympic sailing program on July 25, the vast majority of regattas have been able to run according to schedule. Only one 49er regatta had been shifted by a day. On Monday, in the sweltering heat on the Enoshima body of water, the wind remained very weak and unstable in the direction, not exceeding 3 to 4 knots, while it takes a minimum of 5 knots and an established wind to start a 49er heat.

Starting five unchanged 1ï¸ ?? â ?? £  »@ Alix9duch2ï¸ ?? â ?? £ » Sarah Michel3ï¸ ?? â ?? £  »@ gabbywilliams154ï¸ ?? â ?? £ » @ Endidi7115ï¸ ?? â ?? £  »@Sandrine_Gruda #EDFBasket #FRAUSA # Tokyo2020 #Basketball pic.twitter.com/YGbntGcrV6

On the occasion of its last group match, the French team will meet the prestigious and (perhaps) a little less dominating American team (undefeated in international competition since 2006). To reach the quarter-finals, several possibilities exist for the Blue (beaten by Japan). The two simplest: win or lose by less than 14 points.

One turn and then go. Opposed to Singapore in
round of 16, France did not last long in the tournament by
Teams. The Blue were swept away (0-3) by Singapore. Stephanie
Loeuillette and Jia Nan Yuan started with a double loss (6-11, 5-11,
11-13). Then, the young Prithika Pavade lost in five innings against
Tianwei Feng (11-8, 11-6, 3-11, 8-11, 3-11) and finally, Jia Nan Yuan made the
weapons against Mengyu Yu (8-11, 11-7, 5-11, 8-11).

ð ???? £ ï¸ ?? “The final, it’s going to be pure happiness” Quentin Bigot’s reaction after his qualification in the hammer throw final # Tokyo2020 #Olympic GamesFollow the Olympics live â ?? ¶https: //t.co/U2iuRWiRbi pic.twitter.com/PlApsVDshQ

In volleyball on Sunday, Laurent Tillie’s French team managed to save their qualification in the quarter-finals by taking two sets from the defending champions. This Monday, the handball players will try to imitate them against the Brazilians. An imperative victory for Amandine Leynaud and her teammates in a tournament which, for the moment, has been marked by a huge mess, symbolized by the last defeat against Russia. Facing the South Americans, it will be time to stop missing out on money-time opportunities, under penalty of returning to Paris much earlier than expected.

ð ?????? A job well done! Ð ???? “ð ???? · Quentin Bigot brilliantly crosses the hammer qualifications with a second throw at 78.73 m! Â ?? ² Appointment for the final on Wednesday at 1:15 pm . # Tokyo2020 #Athletics

Athletics: Men’s long jump (3h20), 100m hurdles
women (4h50), women’s discus throw (1:00 p.m.), 3000m steeplechase men (2:15 p.m.),
5000m women (14:40) Badminton: Doubles women (6:50), Singles men (13:50) Track cycling: Speed ​​by teams women (11:09) Artistic gymnastics: Rings men (10h00), Exercises on the floor women (10:57),
vault men (11.51am) Weightlifting: 87kg women (8.50am), 87kg women (12.50pm) Greco-Roman wrestling: 60kg men and 130kg men (from 12.30pm) Freestyle: 76kg women (13.55pm) Horse riding: Eventing by teams (10:00 a.m.), eventing
individual (13:45) Shooting: 25m rapid pistol men (7:30), 50m rifle men (9:50) Sailing: Single scull women (7:33), single scull men (8:33)

the 08/02/2021 at 09:56

Pistol shooting is not really a sport but a game of skill. This proves that the Olympics are not just sports games. When will the inclusion of pétanque in the Olympic Games?

the 08/02/2021 at 09:23

Do not miss to read “Oxymore” by Jean Tuan at C.L.C. Editing. The author, an attentive observer of China, the country of his father, shows us how China is using all means to ensure that its athletes triumph at the Olympic Games. An Epicurean and scholarly neo-thriller in which fiction meets reality.

Ref: https://www.lefigaro.fr