The Queensland Prime Minister says people need confidence in the vaccine before mass rollout. US Secretary of State says countries investing in new coal will hear from the US. Follow the latest news and updates live. • The Secretary of State says countries investing in new coal will hear about the US. • Australia is becoming increasingly isolated as the US and others increase climate change by just 50 doses

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First published on Monday, April 19, 2021, 10:34 p.m. CET

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Do you remember that rather confusing series of government consent videos from yesterday? You know, the one that has been panned almost universally?

Check out all of the drama on the official Guardian Australia Tiktok account (which will go away as soon as I leave the blog).

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Tuesday April 20 – Coronavirus cases in Queensland: • 0 new cases • 20 active cases • 1,518 total cases • 2,408,709 tests performed Unfortunately, seven people with COVID-19 have died. 1,449 patients have recovered. # Covid19

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The Bureau of Meteorology has put some numbers behind what we already knew there had been devastating floods in parts of the New South Wales and Sydney coasts last month.

A special climate statement says so Bureau said the week ending March 24 had been the wettest for the New South Wales coast since the National Daily Records began in 1900.

The most extraordinary aspect of the event was the spatial extent of the heavy rains in both coastal and inland areas. Most of the New South Wales coastline has been exposed to heavy rain.

The office examined records from 1900 for the coastal region – the area that drains into the Tasman Sea – and determined that the week ended May 24th. March was the wettest.

An average of 252.9 mm of precipitation fell in the region, surpassing the previous record of 240.4 mm from February 7th to 13th, 2020.

Since 1900 there has only been 53 times the coast averaged more than 50mm of rainfall in one day. However, the week that ended March 24th had five of those days. The office’s statement states that several weather and climate systems had come together to cause the soaking.

The statement also states that the natural drivers of the downpour “are placed against the background of the long-term trend were “.

As the climate gets hotter,” the heavy rain events in Australia are expected to be more intense when the humidity in the atmosphere increases by about 7% per degree of warming. “

ICYMI – The @BOM_au Special Climate Statement, too The extreme rainfall and flooding in Eastern and Central Australia in March 2021 has just been released. ☔️🌧️

According to the bureau, there was already evidence that a higher proportion of total annual precipitation in Australia was due to days of heavy rainfall.

I have an explanation about wrote the role climate change might have played in those floods, or if you’d rather sit back and listen to a full story podcast episode about it, you can, too.

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There’s a little brewing about James Packer’s 37% stake in troubled casino operator Crown Resorts, and a new proposal was made yesterday that would remove the billionaire from the register.

The Packer’s impact on Crown was identified as a major concern for the company through a NSW investigation.

Oaktree, often referred to as the “Vulture Fund,” has offered to lend Crown Resorts up to $ 3 billion to help Packers Buy shares of him.

It comes after US private equity group Blackstone offers to buy the entire company for up to $ 8 billion and opens up the possibility of a bidding war over Crown .

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Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk says to regain public confidence the government needs more data on the AstraZeneca vaccine as states prepare for a boosted vaccine boost.

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state and territorial leaders reached an agreement of principle to advance vaccinations for those over 50 and prepare mass vaccination sites for the rest of the population.

Earlier, however, Palaszczuk said more data about the AstraZeneca vaccine after it has been linked to extremely rare but potentially fatal blood clots in the under 50s.

We need to make sure we have confidence, we need the medical experts to listen. We were informed by some medical experts yesterday, I need to see more of this data …

We will have further discussions and the Prime Minister will update everyone later this week. I think we need to have these discussions and review the data first.

She also criticized the Prime Minister’s proposal to quarantine the usual Australian traveler and said she was very concerned about the risks, especially in relation to mutated and possibly vaccine resistant strains.

The jury isn’t sure I have concerns – we have the pandemic in the countries right now, we have mutant strains that are starting to formulate …

The problem is that people are going overseas going to be vaccinated but could come back with a mutated strain. It’s an unknown world at the moment.

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Police were called to a Spikes Court residence in Arundel at 6:40 a.m. on Tuesday, where a crime scene was set up.

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By the way, if you want to read more about the Byron Baes bust-up, reporter Justine Landis-Hanley has the full rundown in the following article:

Residents and business owners in the beachfront town of Byron Bay, New South Wales held an emergency meeting on the proposed Netflix original series Byron Baes and urged the streaming platform to cancel the show.

Locals, including the owners of the Byron facilities, Byron Bay General Store and No Bones restaurants gathered Friday night to discuss what could be done to protect the community.

Netflix Australia has described the Eureka Productions show as “a docu-soap series after a” feed “of hot Instagrammers who live their best lives, are their best selves, and create the best drama content. #nofilter guaranteed. ”

Delta Kay, a traditional owner of Arakwal Bumberin Bundjalung, said Byron Baes would “To create a fantasy world about our little hometown”.

“We have big environmental problems, big social problems here,” said Kay. “I don’t want these influencers to come here and paint this fantasy picture that’s fine in Byron Bay. It’s not like that.”

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There were no new local cases yesterday and 1 new case was acquired abroad (currently in hotel quarantine). 3,333 doses of vaccine were administered. 10,042 test results were obtained. Symptoms? Get tested. More later: # COVID19Vic # COVID19VicData

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This will be one of my favorite stories this week: the controversy surrounding the newly announced Netflix reality series Byron Baes.

The lightly scripted docu-soap series will follow a group of Australian Instagram influencers who live in the famous beach town of Byron Bay, and the locals are bloodily angry.

Essentially, the argument is that Byron Bay has already struggled with the influx of wealthy influencers and celebrities who have flooded the city in recent years. In fact, the show is so controversial that thousands have already signed a petition asking local councils to prevent Netflix from filming on council land.

Byron Shire Alderman Simon Richardson just spoke to ABC News Breakfast about the show and is not happy:

I think it would be difficult to find a person to come up with a positive prediction.

Basically we don’t need it. It will only present us with a threat to our community. It will potentially threaten businesses if the portrayal of Byron is as absurd as I think many of Doco-Soap’s reality shows are.

For a church that has tried decades to maintain its integrity, we would love it to go just 25 miles north to a church that it would like and we are all happy.

Richardson said that he has nothing against influencers individually but is concerned about the economic impact an influx of social media stars could have.

As it is, we have 2.5 million visitors a year. What we need now is a moment for our community to take stock and try to get support from the state government to get low cost housing for our rough sleepers, etc. We do not want to intensify our tourism industry at the moment …

It is not the people themselves, but how it could be presented … If we are ridiculed by an empty fake show, this could be big, not only sensitive challenges for us, but also bring economic challenges.

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According to Lambie, the Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs, Darren Chester, should be removed from the royal commission negotiations altogether.

Absolutely. We don’t want him to even look at these reference drafts.

He’s under the microscope. He has to answer questions at this royal commission and wish him the best of luck, I can tell you now.

When I go through a consultation process with the man and his department who are in the process and the eyes are on top of them, I find it absolutely amazing this morning. Amazing.

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