Announced by Bruno Le Maire, this record deficit is explained by the postponement of spending from 2020 to 2021, the aid granted to certain sectors to overcome the health crisis, and the inclusion of part of the recovery plan. Initially, the public deficit was forecast at 8.5% of GDP in 2021.

In France, the health situation continues to improve, the number of patients treated in the intensive care unit even dropping below 3,000. On the vaccination side, while all adults can be vaccinated from this Monday, nearly 38% of the French population has received at least one dose of vaccine.

Restrictions are loosening in other countries. Like Ireland, which announced on Friday that it would no longer impose a quarantine on people from European Union countries. Or in Spain, international cruise ships will be able to dock in ports from June 7.

Vietnam, which announced that it had detected a new variant resulting from the mixture of the Indian and British variants, has decided to suspend, as of Tuesday, all international flights to Hanoi as part of the fight against the epidemic due to the coronavirus .

The government’s announcement makes no mention of the fate of domestic flights. The number of international flights to Vietnam had already been limited since the start of the epidemic.

Will we have to roll up our sleeves again for a third injection of the anti-Covid vaccine? The question arises as the vaccination campaign is in full swing. To date, just over a third of the French population has received a dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and around one in six French people has received both doses.

But the question of variants, and the duration of vaccine immunity, remains unanswered. If the injection of a third dose is already done in a minority of patients, the possibility that this recommendation is extended to all-comers seems more and more likely.

Authorities in this province, located in southern China, have reported 20 new confirmed Covid infections. Of this total, 16 were asymptomatic cases. In the process, the authorities announced new travel restriction measures: only people with a negative test less than 72 hours or a green QR Code can now leave the province.

These new infections are essentially linked to the development of the Indian variant. According to Chinese scientists, to achieve collective immunity, China would need to vaccinate 80% of its population. Currently, according to the authorities, 40% of the population is vaccinated.

The OECD has raised its global growth forecast for 2021 (to 5.8%) and 2022 (to 4.4%), while warning of a relapse in the economy due to the persistence of “headwinds”. “. While welcoming the strength of the recovery, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is particularly concerned about too slow vaccination in poor countries and nervous financial markets.

The French public deficit will widen further this year to reach 9.4% of gross domestic product, said the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, unprecedented for the French economy, as a result of new spending to cope with the Covid epidemic.

This record deficit “is linked to three things: the first is that we are postponing a certain number of expenses from 2020 to 2021 […], (then) because we continue to help a certain number of sectors and companies, even if we will gradually remove this aid, and thirdly because there is part of the recovery plan that is disbursed, ”detailed Bruno Le Maire on France 2. The forecast was so far 9%.

Italy reported 44 Covid-related deaths on Sunday, up from 126 on Saturday – the lowest since October. A welcome improvement as the country continues to ease restrictions linked to the epidemic.

The United States recorded just over 12,000 new cases in 24 hours, the lowest number since the start of the epidemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg. While these indicators are generally lower on weekends, they are at their lowest since March 23, 2020.

On Saturday, the daily death toll in the United States fell to 362 – the lowest for a Saturday in eleven months. Deaths from Covid have been declining almost continuously since the end of February, as a nationwide vaccination campaign is in full swing.

The Health Insurance crossed the databases of vaccination and pathologies, which makes it possible to visualize in real time the inequalities of access to the vaccine and the backward departments. Concerns about Seine-Saint-Denis are confirmed, and will lead to targeted responses from health authorities.

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Reservations to be vaccinated against the Covid in Hong Kong have increased after real estate developers offered an apartment worth $ 1.4 million as the first prize in a lottery for vaccinated residents.

In Australia, Qantas Airways offers free travel for one year, as part of another lottery. It’s the biggest push yet from an Australian company to speed up vaccination in the country, slower than authorities wanted.

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In the event that local spectators are admitted to the Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8), they could be forced to present a negative result on an anti-Covid test or a vaccination certificate, a Japanese newspaper said.

Cheering and the consumption of food or alcohol would also be banned under a government plan under consideration, the conservative daily Yomiuri added, citing government officials on condition of anonymity.

The organizers have already decided in March to ban the arrival of spectators from abroad, a first in the history of the Olympic movement, and must say in June whether spectators residing in Japan will be able to access the competition venues and to what limit. .

No more age or state of health criteria: from today, all French people aged 18 and over are eligible for vaccination against Covid, a key step to avoid a rebound in the epidemic while the restrictions are gradually easing.

Candidates must nevertheless be patient: reservations, which started on Thursday, are arriving “gradually” on specialized internet platforms (Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia), according to the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. With “28 million adults eligible for vaccination and not vaccinated” for “an average of 500,000 appointments available each day”, Doctolib warned that it could not respond to all requests given the “still limited number of doses of vaccines, including Pfizer and Moderna ”.

Two weeks before the start of the Copa América, Conmebol decided that this regional tournament should not be played in Argentina due to the Covid pandemic, the South American Football Confederation said in a tweet on Sunday.

“La Conmebol informs that in view of the current circumstances, it has decided to suspend the organization of the Copa América in Argentina,” said the statement adding that it was analyzing “the offer of other countries which have expressed their interest in host the continental tournament ”.

“The Covax system has promised us more than 5 million doses of vaccine for the month of June. We are waiting for the timetable mentioned with the Covax system to come true, ”said Nicolás Maduro on Sunday evening during an intervention on public television, specifying that his country had requested Johnson & Johnson.

The Venezuelan president repeated that Venezuela had “deposited the money”, that is to say 120 million dollars, in the accounts of the Covax mechanism.

Employees at a Renault-Nissan plant in southern India will not report to work on Monday due to coronavirus-related safety concerns, according to Reuters. Ford and Hyundai had to close factories in southern India last week following protests over security concerns related to Covid.

Hundreds of workers near Chennai have fallen ill from Covid and dozens have died this year, unions say.

The British Prime Minister wanted the next G7 summit to reach an agreement on vaccine passports and launch discussions on a “global treaty” to deal with pandemics.

“We need agreements on things like vaccine passports, certification of Covid status, and the like,” Boris Johnson said in an interview broadcast by Canadian public broadcaster CBC.

France had 2,993 patients with Covid in its intensive care units on Sunday, or 35 less in one day. A figure that drops below the threshold of 3,000 for the first time since January, according to data published by the health authorities.

The number of deaths in hospitals has, meanwhile, increased by 44 in 24 hours (to 82,990), with the total number of deaths in the country reaching 109,402 since the start of the epidemic. The number of new cases of infection identified in the last 24 hours also stood at 8,541 on Sunday, against 10,675 on Saturday.

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