Two jihadists belonging to Daesh activated their explosive belts in the middle of the crowd massed in front of an entrance to the airport. The Taliban condemn these “attacks”.

A new explosion rocked the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday around midnight, according to AFP journalists, hours after a deadly double suicide bombing at the airport claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) .

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said shortly after on Twitter that the explosion was not due to an attack but to the destruction of equipment by the military American at the airport, which the latter did not immediately confirm.

Former US President Donald Trump, highly critical of the decisions of his successor Joe Biden in Afghanistan, on Thursday declared a tragedy that “should never have happened” After the attack that killed twelve American soldiers near Kabul airport.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned Thursday evening “with the greatest firmness” the terrorist attacks “which occurred near Kabul airport.

In a statement, he expresses “his condolences to the families of the American and Afghan victims, addresses his support to the wounded, and salutes the heroism of those who are on the ground for carry out the evacuation operations ”, before promising that“ France will complete them and maintain the humanitarian and protection action for threatened Afghans ”.

Emmanuel Macron, visiting Dublin on Thursday, promised that France would try to evacuate “several hundred” more Afghans from Kabul, adding that Paris was doing “the maximum” to get there but without guarantee due the “extremely tense” security situation at the airport.

End of the world atmosphere at the #WhiteHouse. Big thunderclaps, torrential rainsâ ?? ¦ as #Biden faces the biggest crisis since coming to power. #Kabul

The Islamic state group claimed responsibility for the murderous attack near the Kabul airport, the specialist website Site Intelligence reported. In a statement released by its propaganda agency Amaq, ISIS boasts that one of its fighters approached within “five meters of the US military” and defeated clicked on his explosive belt.

The press release mentions only one suicide bomber, and only one bomb. The Pentagon, however, reported two suicide bombings followed by a shooting. The United States has threatened the Islamic State group with reprisals.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on permanent members of the Security Council to meet to discuss the chaotic situation in Afghanistan following the Kabul attack , said diplomats. Antonio Guterres in a letter invited the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China to a meeting on Monday, the diplomats told AFP, while that a spokesperson for the Secretary General has confirmed the meeting will be held.

France continues its evacuations of Afghans threatened by the Taliban despite the attacks perpetrated Thursday near the airport of Kabul, announced this evening the general staff armies. “The operation continues and will continue as long as all the French soldiers have not left Afghanistan”, declared the spokesperson of the general staff, the Colonel Pascal Ianni.

“We didn’t interrupt anything. Other flights to Kabul are scheduled ”, he added, without further details, in reference to the air bridge set up between the Afghan capital, Abu Dhabi and Paris . Two flights were organized Thursday morning between Kabul and Abu Dhabi, before the attack, and a third was scheduled for the evening.

Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy has called on Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi to urgently recall parliamentarians to Washington before Aug. 31, so they can be briefed by the Biden administration on the situation in Kabul.

“Today’s attacks are terrible,” lamented the Republican in a statement, about the bombing near Kabul airport, where several US soldiers have been killed and injured according to the Pentagon. Nancy “Pelosi must call Congress in session before August 31st so that we can be fully and fully informed by the Biden administration”, assured Kevin McCarthy .

The meeting between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett scheduled for Thursday has been postponed until Friday, the White House announced, a few hours later. Kabul attack.

Italy “strongly condemns” the attacks perpetrated at Kabul airport, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Twitter.

From this Monday, in any case, the first arrivals will be able to submit their asylum application to the French Office for Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra). They will apply over time, once the ten-day health quarantine imposed on them has passed. They are “translators, doctors, artists, journalists, teachers; many have helped our armies there, ”explains a diplomat. Their profile has nothing to do with the typical portrait of the Afghan asylum seeker, rather rural and poorly educated.

They have abandoned everything behind them and find themselves in France, with, at best, a suitcase. About a hundred Afghan refugees arrived in Strasbourg on Thursday, where they are now staying in a hotel.

They are “mainly families, more people born between 1980 and 2000, few people over 50 years old and many young children”, indicated Arnaud Fritsch, director. general of the association of aid to refugees Foyer Notre Dame, mandated by the prefecture to take care of them.

The Prefect of the Bas-Rhin Josiane Chevalier announced on Wednesday that Strasbourg would welcome 150 Afghans out of the 2,000 or so evacuated from Afghanistan to France after the Taliban took power in Kabul.

The Netherlands has announced that it has made its final evacuation flight from Kabul, in response to a request by US forces to leave the airport in the Afghan capital, theater Thursday of an attack that left between 13 and 20 dead, according to the Taliban.

“It’s terrible to have to leave Afghanistan after 20 years like this. It was with a heavy heart that the embassy team and the military left with the last Dutch flight, ”the Dutch Foreign Minister said on Twitter, Sigrid Kaag. The Hague regrets that it was not able to evacuate all Dutch nationals and Afghans who assisted the Netherlands during the mission in Afghanistan, she said. “Our departure will have serious consequences for them”.

Germany has completed the evacuation of its soldiers and diplomatic personnel from Afghanistan, the Defense Minister announced. “All the soldiers, members of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Police who brought this mission to a safe end for us on the ground have been Evacuated from Kabul by plane, ”said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in a statement to the press.

Several US soldiers were killed and injured in the attack that struck Thursday near Kabul airport, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. “We confirm that a number of soldiers were killed in the complex bombing at Kabul airport,” John Kirby said in a statement. “A number of others were injured”.

Some sources tell Reuters that there are four casualties among the American ranks.

The attacks near Kabul airport have left 13 to 20 dead and 52 injured, the main spokesperson for the Taliban told AFP. “Our initial information shows that between 13 and 20 people were killed, and 52 injured in the explosions at Kabul airport,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, who had previously said on Twitter “strongly condemn” these attacks.

Afghanistan evacuation operations will continue despite the “barbaric” attacks outside Kabul airport, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Thursday. “We will continue our operation. And now we are coming to the end, the very end, ”said the head of government after an interministerial crisis meeting.

“Clearly what this attack shows is the importance of continuing this work in the fastest and most efficient manner possible in the hours that remain to us, and that is what we are going to do” , added Boris Johnson.

“Our hospital in #Kabul was already 80% full before the explosions. Now we added extra beds to admit wounded people coming from the airport in life-threatening conditions.” @emergency_ngo president @rossmiccio live on @AJEnglish #Kabul_Airport #Afghanistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has denounced the “absolutely despicable” bombing at Kabul airport, which killed at least six people, injuring dozens more.

“The events of this afternoon show that the risk is immense and that this is a very, very tense situation to get the locals out,” said added Chancellor at a press conference. “We do not yet know all the details, but the terrorists have targeted people waiting outside the airport in the hope of leaving the country,” said Angela Merkel.

“They want security and freedom for themselves, so this is an absolutely vile attack in a very tense situation,” she condemned.

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At least two explosions – described as a “horrible terrorist attack” by NATO – occurred on Thursday near the airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, now in the hands of Taliban and where a gigantic piloted air bridge has been set up since August 14.

Zaherudin B., Sharif M., Fahim Nahim A. and Dellawer J., four Afghans who enjoy either “subsidiary protection” asylum or refugee status, s ‘Were turned to the Council of State to file emergency procedures, said to refer to freedom, in order to force France to proceed to the evacuation of their loved ones.

Emmanuel Macron on Thursday in Dublin rejected accusations of “naivety” in the Afghan crisis, as several explosions rocked Kabul. “A part of the political class says that we are naive, a part says that we are inhuman, it is therefore that we must be fair”, affirmed the head of the state to the from an interview with Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin.

“The emergency is humanitarian”, he added, while France plans to evacuate “several hundred” more Afghans from Kabul. Everything evacuated is “monitored, followed, also taken care of by our security services” and there is “no naivete”, he hammered ©. But “we must do our duty, because it is the families of women and men who have helped us” and “our compatriots want France to keep its rank and its moral role and to be in the height of his duties “, he argued, ensuring to act” with humanity and firmness “.

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The warning was very specific, put in almost identical terms by the United States, Australia and Great Britain. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the three countries called on their nationals still present in Afghanistan to move away from Kabul airport as soon as possible due to threats. “Terrorists”. People “currently at the Abbey, East and North entrances should leave immediately,” the US state department said, citing “serious threats”. curitaires ”.

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The President of the European Council (the body representing the 27 EU member states), Charles Michel, said he was “extremely concerned”, while calling for Also to continue the evacuations from the airport secured by the United States.

Very concerned about news of #Kabul explosion and closely monitoring situation. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

The British Defense Ministry said on Twitter that “no casualties from the British military or government were reported” in the blasts in Kabul on Thursday. “British forces are working closely with our partners to ensure security and (provide) medical assistance,” the minister added.

UPDATE: There have been no reported UK military or UK Government casualties following the incidents in Kabul. UK forces are working closely with our partners to provide security and medical assistance.

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“I strongly condemn this horrible terrorist attack (…) Our priority remains to evacuate as many people as possible to a safe environment, as quickly as possible”, reacted on Twitter the head of the Atlantic Alliance, as the West conduct their final evacuation operations before the August 31 deadline.

I strongly condemn the horrific terrorist attack outside #Kabul airport. My thoughts are with all those affected and their loved ones. Our priority remains to evacuate as many people to safety as quickly as possible.

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“It was a huge explosion, in the midst of the crowd waiting in front of one of the airport gates,” where people enter who are being evacuated by Westerners, said To AFP a witness of the scene, Milad.

The blast took place near the Baron Hotel at the Abbey Gate of the airport where huge crowds had gathered in an attempt to enter the airport # Kabulairport

US President Joe Biden is being kept informed of developments following the explosions that took place near Kabul airport on Thursday, the White House said.

France is still trying to evacuate “several hundred” people from Afghanistan, said Emmanuel Macron, from Ireland, adding that Paris was doing “the maximum” to get there but without guarantee due the “extremely tense” security situation at Kabul airport.

“As we speak, we have 20 buses with binational nationals and Afghans that we wish to be able to repatriate (..) This represents several hundred people still in danger,” he said ©. This morning at the RTL microphone, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the end of the airlift on Friday evening.

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Thought for the victims. To our relatives: no French soldier, policeman or diplomat had been hired today at Abbey Gate. #safe

“I confirm that the explosion at Abbey Gate is due to a complex bombing which left a number of American and civilian victims,” ​​tweeted John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon. “We can also confirm that at least one other explosion occurred at or near the Baron Hotel, which is close to Abbey Gate.”

We can confirm that the explosion at the Abbey Gate was the result of a complex attack that resulted in a number of US & civilian casualties. We can also confirm at least one other explosion at or near the Baron Hotel, a short distance from Abbey Gate. We will continue to update.

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French Ambassador to Afghanistan David Martinon “will operate from Paris” within a few days for security issues, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

“Given the security conditions, the French ambassador will not stay in Afghanistan for the moment,” he told Dublin, where he was on a working visit. “He will remain an ambassador (…). On the other hand, for security reasons, it will operate from Paris. »

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At least 5 dead and a dozen injured were taken to a Kabul hospital after explosions at the airport in the Afghan capital, where operations are taking place. Evacuation of Afghans wanting to flee their country, noted an AFP photographer.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called an interministerial crisis meeting on Thursday afternoon following the explosion that occurred near Kabul airport, where he British army is carrying out evacuation operations, Downing Street said.

“The Prime Minister has been briefed on the situation at Kabul airport and will chair a COBR meeting later in the afternoon” , indicated his spokesperson.

The explosion which occurred near the Kabul airport claimed “victims”, said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

According to a military source, the explosion occurred near Abbey Gate, one of the three access points to the airport where thousands of Afghans have been thronging for 12 days. leave the country now in the hands of the Taliban.

An explosion occurred on Thursday near Kabul airport, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, without being able to establish a toll of possible victims.

David Martinon, the French ambassador to Afghanistan, called on the Afghans to move away from the area “urgently” in a tweet. According to initial information, five people have been killed.

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the 08/26/2021 at 10:31 PM

If Afghanistan once again becomes a base for jihadism, and whatever the political game of the Taliban for the moment very troubled, we must expect large-scale attacks in the world, including in Europe . Except that we will no longer be able to respond with major military interventions. The entire response will have to be limited to intelligence, special forces and targeted neutralization operations. It was the Obama-Trump doctrine, I hope Biden won’t give up on it. Because attacks, there will be some a priori, unless the Taliban cut down their cards and prove to be super security providers … 🙂

the 08/26/2021 at 10:31 PM

Under trump, when an american twisted his ankle, the whole self-righteous press, the good guys, were yelling at trump. I await their reaction.

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