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In the afternoon of Friday, May 21, appeared a correspondence signed by the secretary of TP Mazembe denouncing AS Dauphin Noir for non-payment of a financial fine imposed on the Goma club by Linafoot, only 24 hours after the defeat (2-0) of TP Mazembe. The Ravens therefore wanted their executioner to be punished for these facts.

An incredible reality, because on the evening of the same Friday, the communication department of TP Mazembe denied it, in what it called “Precision”. Total confusion. It’s hard if not impossible to imagine that the letter written on behalf of TP Mazembe was FakeNews, so genuine in appearance to be fake.

“A document arbitrarily attributed to the management of the TPM is circulating on social networks indicating the fact that the latter would have seized the Linafoot after the defeat against Dauphin Noir.

The club is in no way prevented from denouncing an irregularity to football authorities, but it is out of the question to attribute allegations and crude arrangements of an administrative document for polemic purposes. Management does not yet acknowledge having contacted Linafoot on this matter and will not refrain from reporting a violation of the rules.

The TP would therefore have denied its own correspondence for reasons which have reached us. According to our information and according to the Lushois journalist, Patrick Kasonde, this letter was indeed written by the Mazembe secretariat, but later disowned, since the procedure where the act did not please everyone within the club , mainly the president. Hence the denial of the communication directorate of TP Mazembe.

This correspondence caused a real uproar on social networks. TP Mazembe looked at, criticized, seen as a bad loser, a club that never wants to lose. A dishonor, an affront that the five-time champions of Africa did not want to endure, their name is far too big for that.

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