Sometimes sexy, sometimes casual, the starlet made a remarkable appearance on the streets of New York in a casual look that had it all. You like ?

Discreet in life, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp makes rare public appearances and handpicks the social events in which she participates. The reason why the starlet remains “the object” of all the lusts from the moment she points the tip of her nose. Ditto on social networks where it appears from time to time, and always with shocking clichés. On the occasion of her birthday in particular, on May 27, Lily-Rose Depp had displayed herself totally bewitching in a dress revealing her bulging buttocks or in a “cut out” outfit which revealed a little too much on her Instagram account . Otherwise, it is on glossy paper or in the heart of prestigious campaigns that we find the lolita, also known to be one of the emblematic faces of the house of Chanel; we could have seen Lily-Rose Depp show off her dream arch in a mini bikini or even pose in a nicely high-cut trikini swimsuit, among others, to illustrate the last Cruise 2021 campaign of the double C label. While the blondie girl has just posed her suitcases in New York a few days ago, it was in an easy to adopt summer outfit that she was spotted in the middle of the street …

After disappearing from Internet “radars” all summer, it’s more crisp than ever that we have (re) discovered Jack’s big sister at the heart of a shoot as sharp as it is sexy. For the purposes of Interview magazine, Lily-Rose Depp slipped into the skin of a sexy schoolgirl version bulging buttocks and incredible back drop, without forgetting to also pose in panties, knee-highs and furry coat for a made irresistible. With her pouting pout, her almond-shaped eyes and her pretty tapered line, the starlet has not finished capsizing hearts or attracting all the attention of the assembly, whether in red carpet mode as in the city . If Lily-Rose Depp appeared in a girly dress and trendy summer sandals a few weeks ago, it is in another mid-season look that she has been spotted on the streets of New York in recent days. . Alone while the young woman was shopping, she will again have crackled the flashes of photographers in the street. The opportunity to see the lovely it girl in a black mini-skirt (a piece that will remain at the heart of fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion trends) mixed with a high-cut white tank top and short leather jacket. All embellished with trendy hoof-style mules and a branded tartan-version bag; enough to sign a set that is both easy and inclined to copy without moderation.

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