Noémie still can’t believe it. A meteorite crossed the sky of Brittany on Sunday evening, shortly before midnight. Many residents were surprised in the middle of the night, like this young 21-year-old from Brest.

While she was playing on her computer, she confides on RMC having spotted a strange light in the sky:

“Suddenly I saw a big green and white light that lit up the sky. It was like a big white ball that left a beam of light behind it. It didn’t look like a shooting star, it was much bigger and above all, it changed color, to become orange and disappear. It lasted several seconds: I had time to see what was happening and to stress a little … Some time later, I I felt that the ground had shaken a bit too. It was really very very special “she confides.

Like Aurore, many Britons were surprised by this apparition in the middle of the night, massively relaying the images from webcams.

It would be a meteorite. The luminous object is in any case clearly visible on the webcam of the port and the Arzal dam (#Morbihan), near #Vannes #Bretagne

The most impressive thing is undoubtedly the big “boom” that followed the phenomenon. This is the explosion which followed the passage of this celestial object heard tens of kilometers away. Meteorites enter the atmosphere at a speed of 10 km per second, at least, or 30 times the speed of sound.

No debris has yet been found. The Finistère firefighters we contacted were unaware of an impact point. According to our colleagues from Le Télégramme, this phenomenon is not, however, unprecedented: already, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, such a “flash” had been observed in the region of Lorient.