Last match of the year for the AJA (3rd) who faces another contender for the climb, Le Havre (6th), with the possibility of becoming autumn champion (8:45 pm, 19th d. L2). Match to be experienced live and in full on France Bleu Auxerre from 8:30 p.m.

AJA supporters and players are sure to have a frustrating holiday. For their last match of 2021 Tuesday against Le Havre at home, the Icaunais conceded a fourth defeat this season in the league (3-2, 19th d. L2). The second in four meetings. With a direct consequence in the standings: ejected from the podium, the Ajaïste club, now 4th, will pass the winter break with three units of the Top 3, behind Paris FC (3rd, 36 points), Toulouse (2nd, 37 points) and the ‘AC Ajaccio (1st, 38 points).

Relive the defeat of AJA against Le Havre (3-2) at Abbé-Deschamps for the 19th day of Ligue 2, with Nicolas Fillon and Lucien Denis in comments on France Bleu Auxerre

The last of the year, at home, will have taken on the appearance sometimes of Greek tragedy, for the scenario, sometimes of Christmas tale, for all the gifts offered on a plate to the people of Le Havre who did not ask for so much. Three offerings for three errors: a gross hand fault by Donovan Léon on the opening of the Norman score on an almost arbitrary strike at first sight from Ismaël Boura (0-1, 3rd); a fatal lack of marking at the far post after a deflected free kick from Quentin Cornette then taken over by Nabil Alioui (0-2, 41st); a faulty alignment of the defense on a counter led then concluded by Khalid Boutaïb (1-3, 61st). Three goals from five shots on target, we can hardly do better in terms of efficiency.

Wanderings paid cash, while the AJA has, however, often sought to print rhythm during the game. But the men of Jean-Marc Furlan, who still showed difficulties in finding depth against a regrouped team, stumbled on a defensive block concocted by Paul Le Guen extremely well oiled. And on a Yahia Fofana of great evenings. Author of 52 saves before the meeting, second best goalkeeper in L2 in this exercise, the HAC goalkeeper has multiplied the high class parades, to disgust the shooters of Auxerre. As on this exceptional reflex cuff facing the recovery in extension at close range from Rémy Dugimont after a very good cross from Paul Joly (48th), while the score was 2-1 for Le Havre. “Dugigoal” scored a goal, but Fofana stopped him. One of the many turning points in the game.

Joly was not on his first caviar of the evening. Established for the first time in his career in L2 with AJA, the young defender (21) who arrived in the summer of 2020 from Amiens confirmed his very good performance with the reigning French champion in the three-day Cup. previously, replacing Carlens Arcus and Alec Georgen at a moment’s notice (forfeits because positive for Covid-19) at the right-back position. And how ! His stat sheet, impressive for a debut in the league, speaks for him: 97 balls played, 75% of duels won, five centers attempted including four successful, six tackles, eight balls recovered. Availability, precision, liveliness, character, the blond has largely proven that he will have to be counted on in 2022. He therefore stood out at the end of 2021 by being present at the penultimate pass of the first Auxerre goal: center of the straight to the line for Dugimont, who returned the lead for Gaëtan Charbonnier whose deflection in one touch goes to the back of the net (1-1, 17th).

A “Charbo” that we will find in additional time for two new important facts of the meeting. First, on the reduction of the gap with an angry head, after a corner kicked from the left by Mathias Autret (2-3, 90th 1), his double for his 11th goal of the season. Then, in the moments after, on a more than questionable decision: a second yellow synonymous with exclusion (90th 4) for a rough duel but seeming correct in slow motion with the opposing goalkeeper, who did not pray to stay long minutes on the ground in order to influence the game director’s decision. This is the other side of the game

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