Back from an international break and with a team changed by a late transfer window, Amiens showed a very pale face. Shy, feverish and uninspired, the ASC players bowed (0-1) against Rodez.

Thanks to a lively transfer window, Amiens was able to line up several late recruits from the outset to challenge Rodez. Mathieu Dossevi, Matéo Pavlovic and Kader Bamba were established by Philippe Hinschberger. Jessy Benet, who arrived free from Grenoble only this week, took his place on the bench.

Recruits who looked for their marks during the first ten minutes. Like Matéo Pavlovic, author of some technical errors and unstable passes but without consequence. If Rodez was the first team to get a corner, Amiens offered the first situation. Aliou Badji punctured the Aveyron defense in power, eliminated the goalkeeper but then slipped into the penalty area.

Before the quarter of an hour, Amiens again worried Rodez. But the head, deflected by Mickael Alphonse on an off-center free kick from Kader Bamba, passed quite clearly to the side.

The match could then have changed in less than a minute! First on the Aveyron side with great collective action. But the three strikes did not find the net saved by Régis Gurtner then Matéo Pavlovic then Harouna Sy. In the process, Kader Bamba sounded the charge on the counter attack. but unfortunately this one ended with a strike clearly above signed Iron Gomis.

Rodez could have opened the scoring at the half hour mark on a free kick. A free kick caused by a bad tackle from Mathis Lachuer who came close to the second yellow card. The Aveyron head went just above. But the sanction fell a few minutes later. Rodez found the loophole thanks to Bradlay Danger who beat Matéo Pavlovic to slip the ball under Régis Gurtner (0-1 34 ‘).

And in the process, Amiens lost Mathieu Dossevi, hit in the ankle a few moments earlier. Ex Messin has been replaced by Adama Diakhaby. The ASC, feverish, shy or even borrowed tried to react before half-time on a free kick. Mamadou Fofana landed a shot that went missing. It was the RAF who returned to the locker room with the advantage on the scoreboard.

Amiens seemed, during the first minutes of the second half to be a little more comfortable, well led by a twirling Kader Bamba. The midfielder loaned by Nantes in particular thwarted his opponents with inspired dribbles in the area. But his bell-shaped cross was countered and then captured by Rodez goalkeeper Lionel Mpasi.

Too harmless, the Amiens skated against Rodez. Philippe Hinschberger tried a shot a little after the hour mark by making a triple change. At the forefront of the attack, Tolu replaced Aliou Badji. Mamadou Fofana replaced Iron Gomis and Jessy Benet made his debut by entering in place of Mathis Lachuer.

Still led, the Amiens have not found the solution or the going to worry Rodez. Amiens were boring in the second half, giving themselves no real chances. Impossible even to say that Amiens did not succeed since Amiens did not even try. Despite a last attempt by Tolu in added time. The striker found Rodez’s goalkeeper on his way.

Amiens is in sixteenth place in the standings with five points. For their next match, the Amiens will travel to Nîmes on Saturday September 18 (7 p.m.).

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