Thanks to a brace from Achraf Hakimi, Paris won in extremis in Metz on Wednesday and remains undefeated despite the absence of Lionel Messi.

With or without Messi, the result is the same, the attack of PSG is currently only dreaming on paper. So Paris tries to find other solutions: after Ander Herrera against Bruges and Clermont, it was Achraf Hakimi’s turn to turn into a savior on Wednesday night. Deprived of Lionel Messi, injured, Paris narrowly won in extra time against Metz thanks to a double from his right side, during the 7th day of Ligue 1. For his part, the duo Mbappé-Neymar, particularly scrutinized in the absence of the Pulga, has not found the complicity and efficiency that were theirs before the arrival of the Argentine.

Incredible scenario in Saint-Symphorien! Victory in the last moments thanks to the double of @ AchrafHakimi @FCMetz 1⃣-2⃣ @PSG_inside @AchrafHakimi 5 ‘, 90’ 2

So PSG finally had to rely on their right-back, recruited this summer from Inter Milan. In the 5th minute, first, with a very good service from the Brazilian for Icardi, whose strike was returned by a Messin on Hakimi. Then, at the very end of additional time, on a new recovery of Neymar, allowing the right-back of PSG to roll up a nice strike with the left foot in order to free Paris from the trap set by the Messins.

Performing since the start of the season, the Moroccan side has already scored three goals and delivered an assist in seven league games, just one achievement less than Kylian Mbappé (4 goals, 3 assists).

However, Neymar and the French seemed to have regained their automatisms at the start of the meeting, exchanging twelve balls in barely fifteen minutes. Kylian Mbappé, positioned in false number 10, even obtained several clear chances, without succeeding in concluding. As was the case in the 10th minute: perfectly served by Neymar in the back of the Metz defense, the French ran into Oukidja while trying to dribble him.

But after twenty very good minutes, the PSG attack stopped combining and no longer managed to find the loopholes. For his part, Metz stopped to suffer and to be a spectator, obtaining several opportunities before finding the solution thanks to a goal from Kouyaté from the head (38th).

Mbappé also showed some signs of feverishness during the meeting. As he had to return the ball to Metz, the France international released a surprisingly powerful and floating lob pass towards the goal, which forced Oukidja to put out an incredible parry on his line to avoid the goal.

Neymar, meanwhile, showed himself to be too individualistic in certain actions, trying to make a difference alone through missed technical gestures. Like a bit too ambitious roulette, attempted at the entrance to the area and cleared by Pajot (78th).

Paris Saint-Germain will not always be able to rely on its defenders to win, especially as the Parisians have conceded a goal for the 5th time in 7 days. Mauricio Pochettino’s men must quickly find a certain balance in attack. PSG remain an undefeated leader in Ligue 1, but PSG have still not convinced since the resumption of the season.

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