The decisions of the disciplinary committee of the LFP concerning the burning Nice-OM have not yet been made. And they could be late this Wednesday evening. At 8:30 p.m., all the protagonists had not been heard.

“Do not be wrong culprits”, headlines the UNFP, the union of professional footballers, for its press release distributed before the last decisions (expected this evening) of the disciplinary committee on the Nice-OM incidents .

With its text, the UNFP asks for leniency for the players who were at the heart of the incidents: “Can we recognize the players a share of responsibility in the events that have punctuated the meeting between the OGC Nice and the Olympique de Marseille, on August 22? Can we therefore judge them guilty, while they have, for many, tried © to call for calm? Who, by dint of being thus attacked during the exercise of his profession, would have suffered without the slightest reaction, without the slightest reflex of protection, even self-defense, even if it is not a question here of excusing the gestures of some, dictated by the general disorder. General and the surrounding insecurity? “” The players, to whom we systematically oppose a duty of exemplarity, are human, would we have forgotten this? For the UNFP, it is therefore a question of not making a mistake of culprits and of not overwhelming even more, by a disciplinary sanction, of the players already f strongly marked by an evening of which they were the victims, “concludes the union, which had previously communicated in this way to defend the players. She thus became a civil party for Dimitri Payet in the judicial part of the case.

Via a press release, the Professional Football League also reacted to the last outing of La Liga president, Javier Tebas.

“The words of the president of the Spanish Football League are not worthy of the institution he represents and that the LFP has always respected, says the authority. therefore asks Mr Javier Tebas to monitor his outrageous statements. The LFP and La Liga obviously do not share the same approach to what inter-league relations should be. The LFP does not want to be the agitated ‘muleta’ By Mr Teba in order to hide the internal problems currently experienced by Spanish professional football. “

As the PSG did, the League “wishes on the other hand to recall that the financial largesse which the Spanish clubs have benefited from for many seasons and which are at the origin current problems, are neither his responsibility, nor that of Paris Saint-Germain “. And to add: “On this subject, the LFP has no lesson to receive in matters of financial control of the clubs.”

On the contrary, it asks for solidarity: “The European leagues must unite to face the threats to come concerning the international calendar.”

After the new attacks by Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Football League, against PSG and “club-states”, the French club responded firmly to the leader in a letter that RMC Sport was able to consult.

“Dear Mr. Tebas, you allow yourself to publicly attack the French championship, our club, our players â €“ and players from other formations â € “but also the lovers of the French football, constantly making insulting and defamatory remarks insinuating that we do not respect the economic rules which govern football, and other unfounded outings “, perhaps we read.

“Year after year, it hasn’t escaped your notice that we nevertheless comply with the regulations of UEFA and France, especially those of the DNCG. ???? elsewhere useful to point out that the LFP has not, unlike your League, waited in recent years to take measures and put in place a strong financial control. “

And to address a good tackle to Tebas and La Liga: “It is common knowledge that some Spanish clubs and that your League are facing unbearable levels of debt after blatant mismanagement, without talk about how Spanish football has been funded over the past decade – including by the state. “

“Now you are also directly and disrespectfully attacking the players, just because they have decided to leave your championship”, regrets PSG.

After another remark on the Super League, and the fact that several Spanish clubs are pushing for this project, Paris Saint-Germain politely but firmly urges Tebas to “focus on the Spanish issues”.

In addition to Pablo Longoria, Olivier Grimaldi (lawyer), Alexandre Miahle (legal director), Jacques Cardoze (communication director), Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Fernandez, the physical trainer suspended for his punch, and Dimitri Payet, OM will also count on the presence of Alvaro Gonzalez in Paris this Wednesday for the disciplinary committee of the LFP.

Excluded RMC Sport – On this day of meeting of the disciplinary committee of the LFP to rule on the fate of the stopped match Nice-OM, the Marseilles leaders are very reassured to the idea e that the possible sanctions which appeared in the press on Tuesday, namely a frozen match with no points distributed, be real.

“OM can only ask for the 3 points, first because it is the case law, then because if the sporting sanction is equivalent to the two clubs, it would mean that the breaker and the victim are placed on the same level, explains Jacques Cardoze, OM’s communications director, to RMC Sport. This decision would put all Ligue 1 players at considerable risk. would be to say that the supporter who hits Payet does not penalize his club more than that of the victim player? It would be a bonus to the invasion of the field and to the outbursts. on a field hoping to replay a game or to get a lost game for both teams! No one should take this risk. It cannot be an example for society It would be a bonus to violence. I also find it humiliating and offensive to the members of the disciplinary committee that the ultimatum of the sanctions appeared in the press 24 hours before it met … “

Info RMC Sport – If OM will gain strength in Paris to plead their case this Wednesday at the LFP Disciplinary Commission, Nice, coach Christophe Galtier will also be present. Captain Dante as well as Jean-Clair Todibo and Justin Kluivert, affected in the roster, will participate in videoconference. The legal director of OGC Nice (Marion Combe) will be present.

Info RMC Sport – The Marseille delegation will be represented by Pablo Longoria; Olivier Grimaldi (lawyer), Alexandre Miahle (legal director), Jacques Cardoze (communication director), Jorge Sampaoli, Pablo Fernandez, the physical trainer suspended for his punch, and Dimitri Payet. Jorge Sampaoli wanted to be there in Paris to defend his troops and testify to the feeling of fear and lack of security felt in Nice. Payet also chose to be there to represent the players. He will thus have plenty of time to discuss the projectile throw he received and to explain his reaction to the committee.

According to L’Equipe, this is another option that could be retained by the committee: that of a frozen match, without any winner, and therefore without any points distributed. According to the sports daily, the fact of replaying the game could indeed create a delicate case law, if we consider that the OM refused on August 22 to resume a match – which was hoped the authorities – which he had a good chance of losing on a “regular” basis. L’Equipe also explains that the option of playing only the last quarter of an hour does not seem to be considered. No more than that of offering victory to Nice, obviously.

The disciplinary committee is meeting on Wednesday to decide the fate of the sulphurous Nice-OM, arrested on August 22 after serious incidents at the Allianz Riviera. Three days later, the commission announced the first sanctions, including a closed session as a precautionary measure for the Aiglons stadium, and a suspension, again on a precautionary basis, of Pablo Fernandez, assistant to Jorge Sampaoli at the ‘OM, who hit a Nice supporter. At the end of new hearings, the committee will notably take a decision on the outcome of the match. According to our information, everything is very open before this meeting of the disciplinary committee. OM obviously hope for a defeat of Nice on the green carpet (3-0) and the three points. Nice would like to see his advantage on the scoreboard maintained. And the idea of ​​replaying the whole game was raised.