El Mellali: “What has been reported in the media about me is far from the truth”

CR Belouizdad is crowned Algerian champion for the 2020-2021 season, after his great victory at USM Algiers (4-2, half-time 3-0), on behalf of the 37th and penultimate day of the League 1, played on Saturday and having seen USM Bel-Abbès officially demote to Ligue 2, despite the goalless draw (0-0), which she managed to bring back from JS Kabylie. A day rich in significant events, because having also allowed NA Husseïn-Dey and US Biskra to permanently ensure their maintenance among the elite, after their respective victories against WA Tlemcen (1-0) and ASO Chlef (2-0). Thanks to their precious success at Bologhine, obtained among other things thanks to the double of the playing master Amir Sayoud (12 ‘and 45’), the Belouizdadis did not even seek to know the result of their main competitor for the title, the Entente de Sétif, who nevertheless won (2-0) against the red lantern, JSM Skikda, because their comfortable five-point lead had already secured them the title. Indeed, even in the event of a defeat on the 38th and final day, the Red and Whites will still be two points ahead of the Black Eagle, assuming the latter ends in a victory, so that the gambles are already made. . This is the second consecutive title for the Chabab, and the eighth in its overall record, after those of 1965, 1966, 1969, 1970, 2000, 2001 and 2020. For their part, the NA Husseïn-Dey and the US Biskra took full advantage of home ground to score decisive victories in the maintenance race and jointly place 13th in the overall standings, with 46 points each. A ratio that puts them permanently safe from purgatory, because now, and whatever happens during the last day, nothing can worry them. Nasria won thanks to veteran Rabie Meftah (42nd), while Mokhtar (29th) and Chibane (38th) allowed the Zibans to win against the Chélifiens. They will therefore have to fight during the 38th day to avoid relegation, just like ASO Chlef, WA Tlemcen and AS Aïn M’lila, because they are just as threatened. In the other matches, NC Magra dominated Mouloudia d’Alger (2-1), thanks in particular to Demane (25th) and Kourichi, who had converted a penalty in the 61st, while the Olympique de Médéa was held in check at home by RC Relizane (1-1). For its part, AS Aïn M’lila hardly dominated MC Oran (2-1), thanks in particular to the double of Tiaïba (29th and 49th), while CA Bordj Bou Arréridj, however already relegated, held the High dragee at CS Constantine (5-4). Indeed, even if they have nothing more to hope for their future in Ligue 1, the Locusts have been very respectful of sports ethics and have played the game thoroughly. This allowed them to score no less than four away goals, including a double by Belferkous (62nd SP and 66th), while on the Sanafirs side, the scorers were Bendaoud (21st), Dib (44th), Lakdjaâ (46th) , and Bouldjedri, author of a double in (70th, 88th). Thus, the Algerian champion being already known, the 38th and last day will essentially allow to know the last relegated, who will accompany the JSMS, the CABBA and the USMBA to the lower level.

At 25, the rising football star already has a busy career. The proof in 10 pivotal moments of the now most dear player in history.

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