Of the three clubs threatened by relegation, only ASO will play at home on Tuesday for the final day of the championship.

The Algerian champion, CR Belouizdad, being already known, the 38th and last day which will be disputed, this Tuesday, will essentially allow to know the last relegated, who will accompany JSM Skikda, CABordj Bou Arréridj and USM Bel Abbès in Ligue 2. After the reduction in the number of clubs threatened by relegation to only 3 teams, the stake of this last day of the Algerian championship for the 2021-2022 season will therefore be to know the 4th relegated. The clubs at the bottom of the table concerned by this issue of capital importance for maintaining among the elite are: AS Aïn M’lila (15th with 44 points), ASO Chlef (16th with 42 points) and WA Tlemcen (16th also with 42 points) .This after four teams ensured their maintenance at the end of the penultimate matchday, last Saturday. They are NC Magra (11th with 49 points), RC Relizane (12th with 47 points), US Biskra (13th with 46 points) and NA Hussein-Dey (13th also with 46 points). , it is very important to note that for the followers of the speculations, it should be recalled that, according to the calculations counting 27 probabilities of maintenance, it is the ASO Chlef which is in the best lane to preserve its position within But, to do this, the players of the coach, Samir Zaoui, have no alternative but to win by receiving on their own ground, RC Relizane, who has already ensured his maintenance and who has finally nothing to lose, nor to gain than to improve his classification in the event of victory. Zaoui knows it perfectly, he who recognizes that “we have no choice but to win this match against Relizane and not wait for the other results teams affected by relegation ”, before pointing out that“ our fate is in our hands ”. Which it really is. But, the coach of the ASO apprehends the lack of physical condition of his players in this final meeting of the season by declaring: “I am afraid of the fatigue of the players following the long trip to Biskra during the front. -last day. But, we will focus our work on recovery and on the psychological level for this last meeting of the season, ”he concluded. For the two other teams threatened by relegation, namely AS Aïn M’lila and WA Tlemcen, they will have to negotiate their respective match, away from home, against JS Saoura and ES Sétif. That is to say, respectively against the 3rd and 2nd in the general classification of Ligue 1. And for these two teams, it should be noted that this last match of this Ligue 1 of professional football, it will be the meeting of the season . The slightest misstep risks costing one or the other relegation. And theoretically therefore, it is above all the WA Tlemcen which is the most threatened team insofar as, in the event of a tie with competitors, and in application of article 80 of the general regulations of the FAF they are not not at all favorable. Moreover, this article 80 is very favorable to the ASO, compared to the WA Tlemcen, since the guys from Chlef beat the players from Tlemcen in “going” and “back”. To sum up the situation, it should be noted that, ultimately, it is ES Sétif and JS Saoura who will be the “real” referees at the end of the season. Since these two teams will receive two of the three clubs threatened by relegation. Chlef playing at home, therefore has the favors of the forecasts, theoretically, that is understood.For the other matches of this final day of the Algerian championship of this season 2021-2022, it would be only simple formalities to be completed. . Not to say just capital improvement points only …

Algeria, through the voice of its Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, on Tuesday announced the severing of its diplomatic relations with Morocco against the backdrop of long-standing hostile acts perpetrated by Rabat against Algeria and which continue until now.

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