The port of Alicante will be served from Algiers and Oran, while that of Marseille will only be from Algiers.
The appointment is made for October 21 and November 1.

Algerians can take to the sails. The Ministry of Transport announced yesterday the great return of maritime passenger transport. Indeed, after 19 months of stoppage, Algérie Ferries can take to the sea again. Only two destinations are currently on the program. These are France via the port of Marseille and Spain from Alicante. One crossing per week is planned for each of these two destinations. The port of Alicante will be served from Algiers and Oran. “There will be one trip per week alternately: Algiers – Alicante – Algiers, and Oran – Alicante – Oran”, specifies the Ministry of Transport. The first departure is scheduled for October 21, 2021 from Oran. Travelers from France will still have to take their troubles patiently, before being able to embark from a brand new boat, namely the new ship Badji Mokhtar III which will be reserved only for this destination. Its inauguration will symbolically take place on November 1st. The first crossing to Marseille is scheduled for the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution of November 1, 1954. Ticket sales should be launched before the end of the current week. Good news therefore for Algerians, particularly our community established abroad which is seeing the opening of a new means of transport to return to the country. This will certainly decrease the pressure on commercial air travel, thus allowing lower travel prices, especially as the boat is considered to be a much more economical means than the airplane. This even if the number of scheduled crossings remains insufficient. But the supervision suggests the possibility of an imminent increase in frequency and destinations. “The possibility of scheduling additional flights to other destinations, by the higher authorities will be studied according to the evolution of the health situation of the country”, she underlines. This return of maritime transport will also be a breath of fresh air for Algeria Ferries, on the verge of bankruptcy. Last September, the commercial subsidiary of Entmv even sounded the alarm. It announced colossal losses: 14 billion dinars. “Algeria Ferries had to cancel 750 cruises, losing, suddenly, around 500,000 travelers and more than 150,000 vehicles to transport. No tickets have been sold since March 18, 2020 to date, ”she said in what looked like an SOS to the country’s high authorities. It seems to have been heard, with this great return of the crossings …