After pharmacists, vaccination will be extended to the level of general practitioners and specialists.

The availability of the vaccine no longer appears to be a problem. China is in the process of ensuring a continuous supply of this antidote to Algeria. 2 million new doses of Sinovac were received yesterday by the Ministry of Health. They arrived via a special military flight to Boufarik air base, in the 1st Military Region. This is the second shipment of its kind in August when Algeria is scheduled to receive 8,200,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine, 758,000 doses of AstraZeneca (as part of Covax) and 650,000 doses of Sputnik V. For the month of September 2021, the acquisition of 5,000,000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine is planned, pending the launch of national production of this Chinese vaccine scheduled for next September with a monthly amount of 2,500,000 doses. Sufficient quantities which should allow Algeria to accelerate the pace of vaccination which concerned nearly 14% of the population. A significant jump compared to last May when barely 1% of the population was vaccinated. But this remains insufficient to achieve collective immunity, which is to vaccinate at least 60% of the total population. Health authorities, who plan to extend vaccination to under-18s, have decided to involve community pharmacies in this great battle, so from next Wednesday they will be allowed to vaccinate citizens at their level. The Ministry of Health yesterday organized a training session for this purpose. Led by specialists and experts, the training took place by videoconference from the headquarters of the Ministry of Health. It is aimed in particular at pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, in accordance with Order No. 43 of August 7, 2021 authorizing dispensing pharmacies to be vaccinated against Covid-19. It focused, among other things, on the conditions and elements to be fulfilled by the pharmacist to launch the vaccination in his dispensary, as well as on the methods of implementing the vaccination operation against Covid-19 in pharmacies, in particular the guarantee of air conditioning and refrigeration means to store vaccines. “The adherence of dispensing pharmacists to the vaccination operation is part of its acceleration within the population, and in order to carry it out”, supported the Director General of Pharmacy and of Health Equipment at the Ministry of Health, Professor Wahiba Hadjoudj. “For the acceleration of vaccination within the population, we have had recourse to the support of dispensing pharmacists and their willingness to lend us a hand,” she added, recalling the existence of 12,000 pharmacies nationwide. She explains that these pharmacies are local places for the health care of patients. “Especially in the small remote places, called gray areas,” she noted. “The pharmacies will serve as a relay so that the populations of these regions can go there to be vaccinated in complete safety,” continued the same official. In addition, Professor Hadjoudj indicated that the vaccination operation “will initially concern community pharmacists, and just after, it will be extended to the level of general practitioners and specialists”. She specified that this aims to “involve all actors in the health system to lend a hand and make this vaccination a real success insofar as it will target the largest possible number of citizens, especially between the months of September and November, in order to reach the objective of 70% of the Algerian population. Recently, the Ministry of Health announced that it had drawn up a technical guide for the benefit of dispensing pharmacists including administrative and technical guidelines likely to guarantee the success of the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19. The guide was developed by the General Directorate of Pharmacy and Health Equipment in collaboration with the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists, the National Union of Community Pharmacists (Snpo) and the Algerian Federation of Pharmacy.

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