A giant fresco should be completed this week, on a building on the embankment, in front of the large beach of Sables d’Olonne, in Vendée. A specialist company reproduces a painting by Albert Marquet, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, and precisely representing part of the embankment.

You cannot fail to see it, if you walk on the embankment of the main beach, in Les Sables d’Olonne: a 300 m2 fresco is being finished, on a ten-storey building, on the ground floor. pendulum level. It reproduces a painting by the painter Albert Marquet exhibited at the city’s contemporary art museum. Its title: “Summer, the beach of Sables d’Olonne”.

The municipality decided to carry out this project. On a very simple idea: the owners of the building had to do the renovation. Why not take the opportunity to enhance one side of the building, using the scaffolding in place? The town hall called on a specialist company, CitéCréation. It took about three weeks for four people to reproduce the painting.

There is of course a lot of preparation work to establish a precise grid. On this wall, the painters used squares of 1.5 x 2 meters. “But technique is not everything”, says Floriane Mandin, the team leader: “the specificity of mural art is that it straddles a big artistic part and a big technical part. There is real technical know-how, but if you don’t have an artistic eye and artistic sensibility, you won’t be able to do it “.

In any case, the Sablais appreciate. Even if the 60,000 euros that this fresco costs at the town hall are a bit ticking some, there is unanimity, on the part of the walkers met on the embankment: “it’s pretty, it’s better than seeing concrete ! We color the buildings, it’s perfect! We need more projects like that! “.

“It’s planned,” says cultural assistant Jean-François Dejean. “There is a desire to bring art to the streets, and to beautify the city”. The objective of the town hall is also to encourage the many walkers of the embankment to go to the museum.

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