2 actors played detective William Murdoch. First Peter Outerbridge (seen in the Nikita series), for three TV movies, in 2004, before the series launch. Since 2008, it is Quebecer Yannick Bisson (52 years old today) who has changed the role.

219: The number of episodes already shot, counting the eleven to come from this fourteenth season (still unpublished in France), and one for season 15. The Murdoch Mysteries was created in 2008 from the Detective Murdoch saga, novels created by Canadian writer Maureen Jennings, based on a very real character: a certain John Wilson Murray, who was the first detective licensed by the State of Ontario, in 1875.

The Murdoch Investigations (France 3) – Yannick Bisson: “I would really like to shoot in Paris one day”

2.9 million viewers regularly follow the series on France 3. It happens to be on par with the TF1 film, as in October 2019, against X-Men: Days of Future Past. Most often, it is ahead, in court, Forbidden Zone or Capital, on M6.

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