Lemongrass has teamed up with Inawisdom. The companies will work together to help companies build data lakes on AWS and leverage SAP data for cross-application process optimization, data discovery and SAP inheritance cost optimization.

Lemongrass and Inawisdom are uniquely able to help companies do this support to harness the value of data in their SAP systems. First, companies will use their accelerator tools to reduce the complexity of data extraction and transformation. As soon as the data has been recorded and a data lake has been set up, data recognition can begin. Lemongrass and Inawisdom have combined their skills to provide world-class analytics to create intelligent dashboards and visualizations that demonstrate the value of customer data and point out a path to successful production for long-term benefit. Data discovery can also be expanded to include machine learning to gain even more insights. The joint offer can be implemented in just six weeks.

In the past few months, Lemongrass has brought a disaster recovery solution and an application archiving solution to the market. Lemongrass was also the first AWS partner to launch an integrated SAP offering with AWS Managed Services, and it was one of the first partners to use the new model for private offers from consulting partners on the AWS marketplace, with two consulting offers now live are.

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