The polling stations closed at 6 p.m. in the 6th district of Pas-de-Calais, which must elect his or her deputy. Participation is struggling to reach 20%, and after the first counts, outgoing MP Brigitte Bourguignon is neck-to-neck with her RN opponent Marie-Christine Bourgeois.

As the count continues, we already know the main winner: abstention. They were indeed only 20.77% to have voted in Ardres after the close of offices, and it is even worse elsewhere: 15.88% in Ambleteuse, 17.20% at 4.30pm in Guînes …

Her son was killed by a driver who had consumed alcohol and had traces of drugs in his blood

Valenciennes (Ligue 2) will be the first team to stay in Le Touquet for a pre-season camp

The candidate RN to the departmental was sentenced to a measure of personal bankruptcy for a period of 12 years

The question arises, with the summer holidays approaching, whether to get vaccinated elsewhere than around your home

It would serve several medium-sized towns between Hauts-de-France, Normandy and Pays de la Loire

If you are a victim or witness of domestic violence, Agathe, Céline and Bernard are there to help you