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This time, Leeds abdicated and conceded a corner to the left then resisted, lost again very quickly losing the ball.

Keita replaces Thiago Alcantara, very good in this match. Second goal of the season for Sadio Mané.

GO FOR LIVERPOOL !! Sadio Mané brings the score to 0-3. Henderson crosses on the right, Thiago Alcantara controls at the far post and serves Mané at six meters for a pivot shot that hits the mark. The Senegalese finally holds his goal.

Alexander-Arnold connects the corners to the right and Bamford pushes the ball back with a header to the near post.

Mané still countered in the opponent’s area. This time he is doing too much because he wants to score and only gets a corner when he could have served Salah on his right.

The new kid Daniel James and his family continue to believe in it despite their two goals behind.

Less than five minutes to play in this match marked by the serious injury of Elliott.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is not yet in the game. Thrown to the opponent’s area, he leaves the ball to Salah then against his low center for Mané on the left. Goal kick.

Mané continues to make differences on the ball and Phillips tackles him at the edge of Meslier’s area. It’s regular for the referee.

WOUH the sublime 40 meter axial lob from BAMFORD which forces Alisson to slam the ball over his bar !! Advanced, the Brazilian doorman comes out of it narrowly and ends up in his nets!

MANÉ still countered in extremis by AYLING in the area of ​​Meslier despite a superb hook !! Corner to come to the right …

The influential Thiago Alcantara is placed between the lines and Jota is served to the left of the truth zone to place a cross shot which is countered.

The visitors pass on the left with Robertson for a low cross at ground level and a recovery from the left in the race of Henderson which goes to Meslier!

Klopp’s players put their foot on the ball in midfield to better prepare their offense.

The match became very intense again. Liverpool gets a corner to the left and puts pressure on the opposing rearguard who is doing as best they can.

And the Whites respond in stride with Raphinha who tumbles to the right of the opponent’s area and seeks to serve Bamford at the near post. Alisson is needed to intercept this boiling ball!

Ah Mané is launched to the left of the opponent’s area. He is alone but takes the ball badly and this allows AYLING to come back to tackle and counter his shot in a superb save !!

Robertson returns to the charge on the left of the opposing camp. He lacks support and misses his pass to the axis.

Alexander-Arnold is launched to the right of the opponent’s area and transplanted to his left foot to unleash a crushed shot that Meslier easily captures.

Even at ten, the Whites remain very concerned and combative. They want to reduce the score to restart the game.

Oh Leeds attacked on the right with a good aerial cross from Phlllips which Fabinho headed away as he returned to his goal as Alisson went to take the ball. no consequence to this misunderstanding however!

Daniel James, recruited from Manchester United and making his debut with Leeds, comes into play. Harrison is out.

… Meslier won in the air to repel the danger and caused a foul by van Dijk.

The Whites get an eccentric free kick on the left and Raphinha sends the ball to the far post where Bamford does not find the frame on his recovery!

Leeds now play ten as Liverpool have to get back into the game psychologically after the serious injury.

Alisson supports 18-year-old Elliott as best he can. The injured man comes out on a stretcher with his left ankle certainly broken.

Even Struijk remains stunned by this injury and is slow to leave the field even if he does not dispute his sanction.

IT’S A RED FOR STRUIJK even if his tackle was not so violent !!

Aie Elliott remains on the ground in midfield after a intervention from Struijk. He is seriously affected and Salah is shocked !!

Alisson relaxes a bit too much and takes risks in his area when it comes to kickstarting. He just got out of it.

Ah no Roberts !! He strikes well in the axis and shifts Harrison who gives him to the entrance of the truth zone for a shot coiled on the ground which goes to the right of the target!

AH Roberts can place his header to six meters after a nice breakthrough to the left and a badly beaten cross by van Dijk. Except it’s too soft to worry Alisson!

Bamford turns out to be powerless. Thrown in depth, he made a mistake on van Dijk by hooking him up.

Fabinho’s goal is well validated. He burst into tears as he dedicated it to his recently deceased father.

GO FOR LIVERPOOL !!! FABINHO doubles the stake. 0-2. He inherits the ball at six meters on the corner of Alexander-Arnold from the right and takes advantage of a favorable counter to adjust Meslier closely!

OUH LIverpool responds immediately with Mané then Salah who tumble into the opponent’s area but the defenders make two desperate tackles to put the ball for a corner !!

Nice sequence in the middle of the field between Phillips and Harrison. The second is launched on the left and crosses towards Bamford which is too short to regain a lead.

It left for a second period which promises between Whites and Reds !!

54% possession of the ball in favor of the Reds. 3 shots for 1 on target Leeds side, 12 for 3 on target Liverpool side. 0 corners against 4. 146 passes at 74% success against 190 passes at 83%.

It’s the break and Liverpool lead 0-1 at Leeds thanks to Mohamed Salah’s 100th Premier League goal !! Clearly dominated, the Whites are doing well.

Oh Mané returns to the charge in the axis with leg passes in front of Cooper but he finally pushes his ball too much and falls in front of his opponent who pushes him a little but does not commit a fault!

Robertson sends a long axial free kick into the opponent’s area and Salah sets it on fire, the defense is doing as best it can!

Leeds still recovers the ball very high and Rodrigo crosses again on the left, he finds the volley from the flat of Ayling’s foot who however misses the frame at the far post !!!

Rodrigo finally shows himself again with a cross on the left that the opposing defense pushes back with difficulty.

A lot of movements and excess numbers in the opposing camp from the Reds who tire their opponents.

Alexander-Arnold softly hits this axial free kick from 25 meters and sends the ball into the top of the opposing wall!

OH COOPER hits Jota in front of his surface when he’s already warned !! The referee whistles this sole and gives a very interesting free kick to the Reds but does not put his hand in his pocket.

Alexander-Arnold starts again on the right and gives back in the axis for Elliott whose right shot from 20 meters on the ground goes to the left of the target!

The discreet Robertson is too late to make a touch on the left. However, the referee simply asks him to step back.

Alisson raises nicely to the foot and lands the ball on Salah’s chest. Firpo reacts well, however, and stops Alexander-Arnold, who had ridden.

Served on the right, Salah still provokes in the opponent’s area before giving in the axis to Mané who strikes from the left low to the ground but just misses the target!

The Leeds players finally manage to get the ball out of their camp after several minutes of suffering.

On the next corner from the right, van Dijk places his head in front of the opposing goal but he crosses too much his attempt which is diverted!

And ELLIOTT now ?? He places a good recovery at the entrance to the truth zone but Cooper hits the belly then Meslier comes out quickly to push his recovery to the right !!

AH MANÉ misses the target at six meters !! Jota pierces the opposing defense on the right and centers back on the ground towards Mané who throws himself but sends the ball over the target because it was arriving behind his back!

Oh the goal denied to Liverpool! Salah crossed from the right of the truth zone to find Thiago’s header at the far post but the Egyptian was offside.

Salah returns to the charge on the right and provokes in front of Firpo who against him solidly.

3rd goal this season in the league and therefore 100 goals in the Premier League for Mohamed Salah.

GO FOR LIVERPOOOL !!! SALAH opens the scoring. 0-1. Matip brings the excess in the axis for a one-two with the Egyptian before shifting Alexander-Arnold to the right of the opponent’s area for a grazing center that Salah takes back perfectly to six meters.

The Reds come out of it and Mané launches Salah on the right, the Egyptian hands over to the Senegalese at the entrance of the truth zone for a shot which is deflected for a corner to the right …

The Whites raise their voice and press hard in the opposing camp which delights their supporters.

Leeds finally responds by passing to the right but the cross is too high for Harrison at the far post.

OH JOTA for a nice recovery of the right by lying down after a control of the chest at the penalty spot on a small opening from Salah ?? It’s well done but not powerful enough to surprise Meslier who pushes back with one hand !!

The Peacocks are struggling in the game now and rely only on the blocks and axial calls from Bamford.

Alexander-Arnold sends the ball to the left of the opponent’s area but none of his teammates are present in this area. Goal kick.

Too much pressure for Cooper who hangs Mané and is warned. Free kick to follow 30 meters very slightly to the right for the Reds.

… Alexander-Arnold sends the ball to the near post where the Leeds defense pushes the danger back with a header.

Liverpool press loudly to retrieve the ball in the opposing camp and Mané shoots from the left from 25 meters. It is deflected in a corner to the right …

Salah, him, gives work to Junior Firpo who commits the fault by holding him back and gives an eccentric free kick to the right to the visitors …

The Reds go up in speed and Mané provokes on the right of the opponent’s surface his small aerial center is intercepted by Meslier.

Alexander-Arnold sends a dangerous cross on the right without succeeding in finding a taker at six meters.

The two teams are starting to find spaces at the start of the game which started very strong in terms of intensity.

… Leeds take the opportunity to quickly throw themselves forward with Raphinha on the right who serves Rodrigo at the entrance to the truth zone for a good shot that Alisson pushes back as best he can !!

Mané enters into action on the left wing and serves Jota who loses the ball despite a good fighting spirit behind.

Bamford is thrown in the axis towards the opponent’s area before missing the target but knew he was offside.

The two teams do not hesitate to play behind with their goalkeeper who calmly raises the foot.

… immediately a big pressing in the midfield on both sides to set the tone for the debates.

Let’s go for this match between Leeds and Liverpool !! The Peacocks kick off …

The players and officials enter the lawn of Ellan Road in the middle of a warm atmosphere!

Things are better for Jürgen Klopp’s men with a current 7th place (4th before this day) and 7 points on the clock after 0-3 successes in Norwich and 2-0 over Burnley then a frustrating 1-1 draw against Chelsea. They can join United and Chelsea in the lead if successful this Sunday.

Marcelo Bielsa’s players have not yet won this season and occupy 17th place in the Premier League table with 2 points after a 5-1 loss at Manchester United, a 2-2 draw against Everton and another 1. -1 at Burnley.

Except that you also have to go back 20 years to find the trace of the last victory of the Peacocks over the Reds (1-2 at Anfield) and one more year for a success at home thanks to a quadruple from Mark Viduka. 4-3).

Leeds have been undefeated at home in the league for seven matches (3 wins and 4 draws), their best streak in the top flight for 20 years and 15 games without a setback on their turf.

Referee Craig Pawson will kick off the match at 5 p.m. on Ellan Road.

Klaesson, Roberts, Struijk, Cresswell, Summerville, Klich, McCarron, Shackleton and rookie James take their places on the Peacocks bench.

Kelleher, Konate, Milner, Keita, Gomez, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones and Tsimikas are the Reds’ substitutes. Firmino is injured.

On the Liverpool side, it will be a 4-3-3 with Allisson – Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson – Fabinho, Thiago, Elliott – Salah, Jota, Mané.

Let’s move on to the team compositions starting with that of Leeds who will evolve in 4-2-3-1 with Meslier – Ayling, Llorente, Cooper, Firpo – Dallas, Phillips – Raphinha, Rodrigo, Harrison – Bamford.

The Bielsa Peacocks, who have yet to win in the league this season, hope to take on the Klopp Reds who are not very successful and are already off to a good start.

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