Leclerc is showing its ambitions: a new electricity offer that will allow future customers to save 22%. Because according to Le Parisien, for a few weeks, the giant of mass distribution has been promoting its new offer of electricity at cost price which will emerge at the very beginning of the summer. An offer reserved for French people who have a Linky meter since the small green box makes it possible to monitor consumption in real time.

However, Leclerc will set up an application where the customer will be able to follow 24 hours a day, hour by hour, the price of energy, the price of which “will be indexed to the price of the wholesale market”. On its website, Leclerc displays the color: “It’s up to you: plan the launch of the dishwasher and the washing machine at the cheapest times”. Rather attractive, this offer is intended, details Le Parisien, for French households who consume a lot since the price based on the European Energy Exchange, varies every hour.

So is it beneficial for the customer? This is where the company puts forward its argument of 22% savings, taking the example of a household that would have consumed 7,000 kWh / year. An offer, however, to be taken with a grain of salt according to the deputy head of the studies department at UFC-Que Choisir, for whom “consumers want predictability on bills. However, there is none”, warns Antoine Autier. He explains that prices could be quite high at peak times in winter for example. Doubts supported by peaks in the purchase price by suppliers in 2020, which sometimes reached more than 200 euros / mWh against a little more than 32 euros / mWh on average normally.

This offer from Leclerc energies is in any case in addition to that launched in September 2018. To lower prices, the large-scale distribution giant offered two offers: a 10% discount compared to EDF’s regulated tariffs or a rebate equivalent to 20% of the electricity consumption to be used in purchase tickets in a Leclerc store. At the time, Capital had run a simulation to see whether or not Leclerc’s offer was the most competitive.

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