CRITICAL – In Lebanon, in the midst of chaos, Alfred de Montesquiou has probed the hearts and souls of the Lebanese as their country is plunged into deep stagnation. A crisis that had been brewing for years. An original documentary not to be missed, this Sunday, November 28 at 8:55 p.m. on France 5.

Since the double explosion of August 4, 2020 in the port of Beirut, a tragic illustration of a political system plagued by patronage and corruption, Lebanon has been on the brink of collapse. Gasoline, electricity, drugs, cash: everything is running out in the former Switzerland of the Middle East, once so envied for its cultural turmoil and economic vitality. How did the land of Cedar come to be? What are the issues underlying this unprecedented crisis that has been brewing for several years now? How do the unhealed wounds of the civil war (1975-1990) still haunt its inhabitants?

After more than a decade spent covering this region, first for the Associated Press agency, then for Paris Match, the great reporter Alfred de Montesquiou (Prix Albert-Londres 2012) this time took the camera to meet the Lebanese and probe their hopes, their fears, their anger. Aired as part of the program “Un monde en

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So lean over the very sick France, in search of a savior other than Jupiter!

After the Femina prize and the Landerneau readers’ prize, the journalist and editor has just won the Goncourt des lycà © es with S’adapter.

The film by Frà © dà © ric Forestier gathered 580,181 people in 488 theaters and did better than the previous adaptations to the cinema of the faces of the duo with peasant humor: Amà © lie au pays des Bodin’s and Marriage at the Bodin’s.

Sculptor is his title, neither man nor woman, as his subject matter reconciles opposites. She makes cardboard the source of her spell forests. She draws an immense panorama embroidered for Dior and revives the magic of Roman palaces. She puts a concrete madness in the woods and waits for nature to do its work. Portrait of an artist who does not boil down to “daughter of”.