This is news that only North Korea knows about. The country has decided to ban leather trench coats to prevent citizens from copying Kim Jong-Un’s style.

This information revealed by Radio Free Asia (RFA) has something to smile about, but the reality is quite different. Police are now roaming the streets to seize the jackets of citizens and vendors. Citing an anonymous source inside the country, the radio reported that the crackdown began after people began to emulate Kim Jong-un’s style.

“At the 8th Party Congress military parade in January this year, the ‘Highest Dignity’ and all senior officials were shown wearing leather coats as well,” the official said. source to Radio Free Asia, referring to Kim Jong-un who alone leads the North Korean dictatorship.

Since this ceremony, leather coats have become a symbol of the fight against Kim Jong-Un. “The young men are protesting, saying they bought the coats with their own money and that there is no reason to take them off”, before specifying that “the police respond to complaints saying that wearing clothes designed to resemble Kim Jong-Un, serve to challenge his authority. “

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