On the soft grass of Cerny aerodrome, for the past three days, dozens of volunteers have been busy making an appointment. The air show is an opportunity to release collector’s items that only fly three or four times a year, such as the Morane H. In 1913, Roland Goris was the first pilot to cross the Mediterranean on this aircraft.

We will go through a century of aeronautical history. Here are the 1930s. The Junkers 52, one of the treasures of the friendly Jean-Baptiste Salis, is back in service. The restoration of this German three-engine, designed in 1932, took 13 years, 20,000 hours of work and patience. Currently, it is the only Junkers 52 to fly in the world. Ol has been used extensively to transport soldiers. But originally, it was a very innovative airliner. One of the first to board paying passengers at 200 kilometers per hour.

More than 50 aircrafts will crisscross the skies of La Ferté-Alais, Stearman, Fokker, Alpha Jet and from England, the guest of honor, the Corsair, famous with the series “Têtes brûlées” with the famous Grandpa Boyington Introducing the first carbon-free aircraft First electric aircraft on the market that will primarily be used for training Check out the full document in the video above.

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