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The food poisoning reportedly suffered by the Guinea Bissau team seems to be a set-up. The medical report from the Cheikh Zaïd Hospital where the Lycaons were admitted shows that the players were in very good condition. The Hospital assures us that “the clinical examination finds the patients in very good general condition, afebrile, in good hemodynamic condition and in good hydration state”.

The medical report also confirms that the somatic examination is normal, as is the neurological examination “with good muscle strength”.

That’s not all. Faced with the possibility of further scrutiny, the players backed off.

The report notes that “most of the patients refused to bowel and vomit, and reported feeling better.”

This report destroys the thesis advanced by the delegation of Guinea Bissau. Suddenly, the match scheduled for Wednesday at 8 p.m. is logically maintained.

Ref: https://lematin.ma