This Sunday, September 5, TF1 is broadcasting one of the best cinema hits of the year 2018: Le Grand bain. For this first solo achievement, Gilles Lellouche did his best by offering a Full Monty aquatic version with an exceptional cast. Only, here, Gilles Lellouche was particularly upset after the fact: he did not receive the expected rewards.

Great commercial success does not necessarily rhyme with recognition from his peers … And Gilles Lellouche unfortunately had the cruel experience of this during the making of his first solo feature film. It was while discovering a documentary on Arte that Mélanie Doutey’s ex had the idea for this aquatic Full Monty. Eight men in crisis, closer to their fifties than their prime, have the crazy idea of ​​challenging themselves to win the world championship in men’s synchronized swimming. Gilles Lellouche therefore seized on this subject, a veritable social fable about the reconquest of his personal esteem. And it was surrounded by a fabulous cast that he proposed Le Grand bain.

The film brings together Leïla Bekhti and Virginie Efira, but also her lifelong companion Guillaume Canet, as well as Philippe Katerine, Mathieu Amalric, or even Benoît Poelvoorde. No doubt, Le Grand bain was one of the great popular hits of 2018. However, Gilles Lellouche was particularly upset and bitter about it: he did not get the rewards he expected.

The Great Bath has been named ten times to the Caesar. But the film unfortunately won only one prize: that of the best actor in a supporting role for Philippe Katerine. A huge disappointment for Gilles Lellouche even if he expected it, as he told the Journal du dimanche on August 15. “I just felt a little cold draft in the back of my neck, not very pleasant… but I was expecting it so much,” he said, more than jaded. And to give as an example other great successes not rewarded: “The previous year, Toledano and Nakache had left empty-handed for Le sens de la fête, with nothing for Jean-Pierre Bacri, a heresy! The comedy does not work at the Caesars And when the box office gets involved, it’s fucked up, “the actor was indignant. Anyway, it is the opinion of the public that counts, and there is no doubt that this pretty comedy brings together again en masse, this Sunday, September 5 on TF1!

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