This father said he was tired by the strike launched on October 7 – which shut down the site – but anxious to continue the mobilization. A union delegate from the H&M GBC logistics platform in Le Bourget, Seine-Saint-Denis, whose fashion giant has announced the closure, attempted to set himself on fire on the morning of Tuesday, October 26 at the time of a negotiation meeting with management.

This 39-year-old employee, employed for 18 years on the site and UNSA delegate, sprayed himself with gasoline on the site’s parking lot in an attempt to set himself on fire, several employees told Agence France- Press (AFP). In shock, employees mobilized on the picket line immediately came to help him. The scene, filmed, was broadcast by Brut. He left the hospital at the end of the afternoon, said a colleague.

The union delegate participated in a meeting with the management of the site as part of the job protection plan (PSE) opened after the announcement of the closure of the warehouse, the only logistics platform in France of the loan giant -to wear. During the discussions, he left the room and went outside, where he wanted to attempt his life, explained Fatima Karim, CGT delegate.

“He is someone who has his head, who has always negotiated and here we are facing a leadership that provokes” by offering only weak support measures, she said. “Money, that does not interest us. The priority is the reclassification [of employees], we want to keep our jobs,” the union representative told AFP on Monday.

Despite sharply increasing profits exceeding pre-pandemic coronavirus levels, Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) has announced that it wants to reorient its activity to adapt it to internet sales. H&M France explained on Friday that the closure of the Le Bourget site, which has around 150 employees, was the result of a “new organization of logistics flows” in the region.

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