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Monday February 22, 2021 at 8:31 PM -Article written by La Rédaction – Comment on this article

For Stade Lavallois, it’s an offensive return that will do good. As Ouest-France explains, tangos striker Yohan Brun will drive back the field because he is in the group called for tomorrow’s match against Cholet, counting for the 21st day.

Brun will thus do good in attack, in the heart of a decimated team as Gilles Bourges, co-assistant to Olivier Frapolli recalled: “We have a group of 18 players, they are all called up tomorrow. Only 16 field players and two goalies. ” Mohamad Sylla, tested positive, is also making his return to the group like Maxence Carlier and Ludéric Etonde. Edson Seidou and Alliou Dembélé are suspended.

For Stade Lavallois, it’s an offensive return that will do good. As Ouest-France explains, the tango striker Yoh … react ??

On the Le Mans side it could be the bad news of the week. While the Manceaux will play tomorrow night against Boulogne en Na … react ??

The US Concarneau is getting closer. Slowly but surely, the Breton club actually points to 7th place in a championship to … react ??

The postponement of a postponement. While the Red Star had to move tomorrow evening to the side of Villefranche to put its calendar back to … react ??

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