Laurent Tillie has decided. After twelve Nations League matches, including the last one lost Thursday night against Italy (2-3), the coach of the Blues formalized, Friday morning, the list of 12 players who will try to get France to the first podium. Olympic in its history, this summer in Tokyo (July 23 – August 8). Faced with an unparalleled bottleneck of talent at the receiver-striker position, where six players claimed four places, the national coach hesitated for a long time with his staff, testing many associations to find the best possible combination.

Tuesday evening, the sudden and unexpected departure of Julien Lyneel, too short physically, had facilitated his decision-making. In the end, Tillie chose to trust the quartet Earvin Ngapeth, Trévor Clevenot, Kevin Tillie and Yacine Louati. The latter, long balanced with Thibault Rossard, and whose left fire arm would have been a precious asset for the Blues in service, quickly found his place in the group, capitalizing on his precious entry to the Berlin Olympic qualifying tournament, in January 2020.

“The decision was hard to take, raises the coach. Somehow, it is unfair for Thibault whose investment was remarkable but it was necessary to choose. We favored a balance without him. I know that he will be ready, that he will stay in shape in the event of physical problems. “

On the other positions, no surprise, both on the pass (Toniutti-Brizard) and at the point where Stephen Boyer will support Jean Patry as well as at the libero position with the inevitable Jenia Grebennikov. In the center, the Tourquennois Daryl Bultor fully seized his chance, too, in the absence of Kevin Le Roux for “personal reasons”.

Qualified for the Games in Seoul (1988), Barcelona (1992), Athens (2004) and Rio de Janeiro (2016), France never made it past the first round, ranking ninth at best.

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