The Tour de France will never start from the North as well, since it will start in Denmark for this 109th edition in 2022. Leaving France, the Tour de France will promote France and cycling. Including in Belgium which, once again, will not be forgotten.

After 2019, Binche will repeat the feat of hosting the Tour de France, for the only Belgian stage of the Tour and also the longest over 220 km to Longwy in France. A major event that will undoubtedly have an impact on the city of Gilles, as mayor Laurent Devin explains to us, who confirms his municipality as a stronghold of cycling. “The Tour de France in Binche is a positive dynamic. You have to realize, this is really the Grail! This is the third sporting event in the world after the World Cup and the Olympic Games, “the mayor told us.

► The impact on Binchois traders will also be very significant after such long months of crisis.

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