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Since Laurence Boccolini is on France 2, she has not been idle! The adventure is beautiful, but will it succeed? The answer now!

Laurence Boccolini’s enigmatic smile is like her calling card. Indeed, since she has been on the air, we discover facets of her personality that we never even suspected existed. Sometimes ironic in The Weak Link or the Luminous Unicorn in the first season of Mask Singers, she adapts to all show formats like a chameleon. Therefore, during the first confinement, his passage from TF1 to France 2 is quite natural. Right in her boots, she tells us that she finally got stuck in a routine and that the competition gave her the means to bounce back. Phew, honor is safe! Without further ado, Objeko tackles his latest project. Granted, it’s still a game show, but it’s not just any!

Fans of Nagui and Laurence Boccolini will never forget April 13. In fact, when they log into his Instagram account, they discover this integral video. At the time, Mélanie Page’s sweetheart donned his producer cap and promoted his series, The School of Life. One thing is certain. Better than anyone, he was able to give Jean-Luc Reichmann a cold sweat every noon. Even to this day, no one can determine in advance who will win viewers’ buy-in. And that, they owed in large part to their champions of the moment. Unfortunately, when one throws in the towel, Objeko wonders who can and especially will know how to replace him. Fortunately, Laurence Boccolini manages to stand out from the other applicants and will work hard to provide a result that meets the expectations of the public. We can’t wait to see all of this in image and (almost) live!

A new decor awaits you from August 9 on France 2! 😍 #TLMVPSP # France2 #EmissionTV #Entertainment #LaurenceBoccolini

Everything should start on August 9. In the opposing camp, on the set of Les 12 coups de midi, Bruno continues to illuminate the screen with his greatness of soul. In Everyone Wants to Take Their Place, it’s Anthony who sits in the chair and says he’s ready to do battle with the new kids. As for Laurence Boccolini, she demanded some changes. Objeko explained them in detail in this article. But these are to be the only ones. As you saw in the video above, the logo has been given a facelift and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

We hope you are ready for THE big comeback of Everyone wants to take their place! 🥳
Meet on August 9 alongside Laurence Boccolini 😍 # TLMVPSP # France2 #EmissionTV #Divervation #LaurenceBoccolini

Set, credits and even chair of the running champion, everything seems ready to write a new chapter in Everyone wants to take their place. Laurence Boccolini is preparing to release her most beautiful pen to win the hearts of early fans. It must be said that the tone used by Nagui to tease his candidates is unlike any other. Never mind, the Objeko team remain convinced that they will impose their own style and put sparkle in the eyes of the lucky ones.

You might as well tell you right away. Installed behind a desk and seated, just like the candidates, Laurence Boccolini does not intend to create a supercharged atmosphere on the France 2 plateau. On the contrary, she wishes to create a benevolent atmosphere and that one feels at ease, both to participate than to watch at home. That’s to his credit, isn’t it? Fingers crossed to make it work!

On July 22, her friend Nagui was very moved during HIS last. Like everyone else, he is really confident about what will happen next and tells us more. “You will find Laurence Boccolini, Laurence whom I love with love and who will take care of you, entertain you and have fun! She will be like a fish in water. I kiss you my Lolo, full of good vibes! ” Don’t worry, he’s staying on France 2 and taking advantage of his summer to bring the final touches to his musical show like no other. Continued on next issue of Objeko!

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