While she is preparing to take the post of Nagui in TLMVPSP, Laurence Boccolini is already facing criticism from viewers. The opportunity for her to put things straight. The details of this big update from the presenter!

The news has been official for quite a while. Laurence Boccolini will take over as Nagui on the show Everyone wants to take their place on France 2. As a result, the former host of TF1 has her work cut out for her. Especially since she knows viewers won’t always be gentle with her. Zoom in on this rant she already gives to critics of the small screen!

Nagui had handed over the reigns of his show to someone else for a few days. According to his explanation, it will be an opportunity for him to test new horizons. In one of his recent interviews, the latter explained that his decision had been questioned on several occasions.

And yet, it was more normal when he realized the “disconnect between him and the show.” Then, the host adds, “The passion that drove me at the start of Everyone Wants to Take Their Place just wasn’t in me anymore. In football, the jargon is “grinta”. ”

What explains his change in behavior and this decision to leave. If we are to believe his words, this will also be an opportunity for Nagui to embark on new projects. In any case, don’t panic, the show doesn’t end with his departure!

On the contrary, Nagui will be replaced by Laurence Boccolini from 09 August to come. And several changes will be made to the show while we wait for that date. Whether it’s the set’s setting or the show’s credits, everything is changing. Small details that the production began to unveil little by little to viewers.

On July 22, the game show Everyone Wants to Take Their Seat received its fair share of emotions. Indeed, it was on this date that viewers got to see Nagui for the very last time at the helm of the show. The opportunity for him to say goodbye on the set but also to leave a few words to Laurence Boccolini who would soon take his place.

“I send him all the good vibes from me for this new position. Nagui said to Laurence Boccolini. And that, she will need it fully! It must be said that hosting a show like Everyone Wants to Take His Place is no small feat. Despite everything, it is a challenge that the young woman seems ready to take on. And even more so when she knows the challenges that lie ahead.

While waiting for her first appearance on the set of Tout Le Monde Veut Take His Place, Laurence Boccolini is therefore working very hard. As her predecessor so aptly put it, she will be “comfortable to entertain you.” But that does not prevent him from apprehending a little the first broadcasts which will be made from next week.

So here is a message full of benevolence towards the one who will replace Nagui, Enough to give heart balm to Laurence Boccolini who will have his work cut out for him in order to convince the followers of the one she replaces. As determined and persevering as before, the TV host does not intend to slip away at the slightest obstacle in this new adventure on which she is embarking.

To this end, she wanted to respond to those who already denigrate her on social networks. And it was in the columns of Télé 7 jours magazine that she provided more details on the matter. “Either way, I know there are bound to be people who are not convinced. Surely, they will tell me that I am less good than Nagui. But nearby, others will like me. ” decrees the 58-year-old host!

She, who has very little social media presence, is very comfortable with what will happen next. In any case, Laurence Boccolini is clear: she is not there to make Nagui forget. Rather, she’ll entertain viewers in her own way. Enough to promise nice surprises to viewers of the show! Want to know more ? See you on August 09 to discover the first show of the young blonde!

Ref: https://www.culturefemme.com