At only 16, the Lebanese is one of the youngest of the tenth season of the contest. “I want to give Lebanon a voice abroad,” says the artist.

OLJ / By Béchara MAROUN, February 20, 2021 at 12:01 am

The Voice: the most beautiful voice is back on TF1! After kicking off two weeks ago, the tenth season of the tele-hook is already promising great discoveries, which should not leave the local public indifferent. Among the 122 talents selected to pass the blind auditions, the first stage of the competition, one of the youngest of the competition defends the colors of the country of the Cedars. At the height of her 16 years, Lara Bou Abdo, a little raw gem, is joining the list of Lebanese who have marked this competition over the seasons this evening, just like Matteo and Enzo S last year. And for this talent, blind hearing is a big first.

“Like many children, I grew up watching The Voice France every Saturday night with my family,” Lara Bou Abdo told L’Orient-Le Jour. So it’s a little girl’s dream come true. The young girl has only been singing for four years. “It was my sister who discovered me the first and I was lucky to have tremendous support from my family, because I know that is not the case with all parents. I had tried a professional career in sports, especially tennis and badminton, but I didn’t quite find it. With music, on the other hand, my soul has found its place. It’s my way of expressing how I feel. My dream would be to live off my passion, ”explains the candidate. A student at the French Holy Family School in Fanar, Lara was able to take singing lessons in different schools at the same time, and to be coached by different teachers. From Mozart Chahine to Gaby Farah via former The Voice candidate Marc Hatem (Music Factory), she has also been able to perform with the 8th art troupe and at student or charity events. Nothing, however, that resembles the scene in The Voice. “I was originally contacted via Instagram and thought it was a joke, especially since I only had three videos online that I was singing in,” Lara says enthusiastically. Then I got to speak with Bruno Berbères, casting director, and got caught up in endless rounds of online auditions. It was really difficult. “With the internet connection issues, I must have spent a fortune on my 60 GB of mobile data! she jokes. When the final verdict came, I couldn’t believe it anymore. “

The sequel is not easy for the young artist who is initially refused her visa for France, before the casting team intervenes to facilitate her trip. “Without them and without my sister who came with me to Paris, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take part in the show,” says the artist, a fan of Adele and Amy Winehouse. I also remember arriving more than an hour late in the studio. I was very sick too. And the stress completely invaded me on the day of the shoot, when during the rehearsals, I was rather serene. “

Filmed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the show had to make major changes this year to respect barrier gestures. The candidates thus perform in front of the four jurors and in front of Internet users. There is therefore no audience in the room.

“In general, I prefer there to be an audience. It gets the adrenaline pumping and I think I sing better in front of people, but it had to be done with, Lara says. Without forgetting the PCR tests, wearing a mask, etc. Pascal Guix, artistic producer of The Voice, told Le Parisien that participants were not entitled to physical support from their relatives either, except for minors like Lara. “It was a complicated equation, because it is a very human adventure, and if the candidates feel good, they give a better performance,” said Pascal Guix. But we have strengthened the team of talent coordinators who accompany them from start to finish so that they don’t feel alone. For her stint this evening in front of coaches Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine and newcomer Vianney, Lara has chosen to play a title that takes her out of her comfort zone. “This is a song that I had proposed during the online auditions without knowing that it would be the one I would present on the stage of The Voice”, explains Lara, ensuring that she finds herself on a sentimental and emotional musical register. “When I sing, it’s always to send a message,” she said, “and the message of my participation in The Voice is to give Lebanon a voice abroad. “

Will the coaches’ chairs turn over tonight for Lara’s soft rock voice? The answer will fall on TF1, from 10:05 p.m. Beirut time. But, today, the young Lebanese assures that performing on the stage of The Voice is already an achievement for her, and that she started the adventure without preference for a coach and without prejudice. “I really appreciate the music of Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine,” she says. As for Amel Bent, I am a singer, and her song Ma Philosophie has been with me for a long time. Aiming for the moon, Lara, shouldn’t scare her…

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