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The Bardot Foundation’s deceptive and completely unfounded poster campaign is causing some clashes and frankly, it seems quite logical. Hunters are targeted in the field (fires of cabins, deterioration of watchtowers, tags on federations) and they are now publicly targeted with this financial campaign by the association (recognition of public utility) for the protection of animals. In Mont-de-Marsan, panels have been covered with paint with the message “Parisians stay at home.” The work has not yet been signed but it reflects a lack of understanding among rural people about the attacks. against hunters. It is also the consequence of the “migrations” of people from the city to the countryside during this period of health crisis. Some city dwellers are sometimes very often contemptuous of rural people, especially when the latter come to settle for a few weeks in the countryside and they would like to rediscover the spirit of the city in the countryside (no animal song at dawn. , no bells from grazing cows, no smells coming from farms…). This message is perhaps the rant that reminds those who are well content to telework in the countryside not to bother the rural people too much.Finally, this message is perhaps also intended for Parisians, (having a high incidence rate of Covid-19), premises not wishing to be contaminated by Ile-de-France residents …

We must not reproduce what has been criticized against the Bardot Foundation. The division of society benefits extremes and us hunters this is not our register
We must be firm but open to dialogue

“False and unfounded” ok go show this article to the families of the victims of hunters…
The Keanes will love it!

Always the same thing.
I think you are very limited.
Buy yourself a parrot that can write, you will save time.

Moreover, it is not impossible that these panels will be modified by those Who put them up
The Covid has no borders and even less the one between the city and the countryside

The distribution of the population being unequal, I remind you that in a democratic country everyone votes

Congratulations to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Surveys and petitions clearly show that the French no longer want hunting. Foundations and associations are doing a fantastic job of saving animals, fighting and denouncing mistreatment and working to suppress hunting, the slaughter of farmed game, venery, trapping.

The concept of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation is to destroy our model of life: does that remind you of anything?

I knew aggressive hunters and I see in your comments a little bit of contempt. It shows that you are not interested in what they are doing.
A little humility and check out the relevant sites.

What are they doing on the one hand with their money and on the other hand what concrete and usual actions for biodiversity, the planting of hedges, the fight against wind turbines, deadly for birds, artificializing soils and whose production is particularly polluting?

The best thing would be for you to go to the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis and FFB websites to see all their actions in favor of animals in general as well as the rescue of mistreated hunting dogs.
You also have ASPAS and the like.
As for the planting of hedges are the farmers who plant them and for the biodiversity they do the hunters – apart from dumping tons of lead in nature each year. Nothing in fact.

You are laughable and you conceal the actions of the hunters.
Lie by omission.
From the GM in the text.

For ducon: “Lie by omission.
GM in the text ”???,
You find it laughable what volunteers or employees of associations do as well as those who work in shelters. What little I’ve read about you says a lot about your mindset. Well I leave you to your rantings without interest. I imagine that with you there is no possible dialogue.

To hunt is to go and find prey that you are going to kill for food.
If to hunt is to go and kill for fun then it is a psychiatric pathology.
For the rest there is sport shooting, to be developed in our stuck country.
If the hunters cannot behave like an all-powerful god of the animal world and the forest, it is certainly not the role of association for the defense of both animals and humans, which grants itself the right of moral advisor while in in reality, they mainly organize cocktail parties in the Paris region and publicity stunts. Far from thoughtful and constructive action.
Here the message is very clear: nothing has to do with the world of hunting, but just with the fed up with the surge of millions of Parisians on this province that they usually despise, and which ultimately offers them places to live. infinitely nicer than their prestigious, overpriced 3m² apartment on the idf. Do Parisians get closer to the reality of life in the rest of the country? Of course not. They just want to enjoy without restraint, with impunity, a right that the rest of the country does not have. With means that escape other French people.
Respect the rights of each other but please…. Anti hunters, vegan psychiatric patient, do not impose your wishes on others, we do not share them and if we want to take an interest in them we will do it ourselves.

I am born, I live, I work here
I go hunting and the game I eat or share and I don’t need a shrink. It’s a privilege and I’m not ashamed

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