The loosening of a few stones at the base of the wall supporting the terrace of Le Goéland café-restaurant, Elorn side, in Landerneau, had been spotted in May-June by the town hall. “But since Friday, the situation has worsened,” said Jean-Jacques Boniz. Saturday, August 21, in the morning, the deputy mayor of Landerneau, in charge of security, shared his concern with the firefighters specializing in water rescue who had joined him, quai de Léon.

In their viewfinder, at the other end of the strip of river flowing in cascade under the old arches of the bridge (rebuilt in 1510): a gaping hole in a wall, discovered at low tide, which disgorges materials (sand, stones, small stones, etc.) contained in this spur of the inhabited bridge, jutting out from the sea side of the work (*).

“I watched the bridge all weekend. The fault grows under the effect of the high coefficient tide (between 90 and 95). There is a risk of collapse that should not be ruled out, ”warns the elected official. Michelle and Serge Roudaut, owner-operators of the Goéland, did not take this incident lightly either: “We asked the customers present to leave the terrace on Friday evening. It has remained off-limits ever since. “

Coming alongside his unfortunate citizens, from Friday, the mayor of Landerneau, Patrick Leclerc, officially validated the wise precaution of the restaurateurs by signing, this Monday, August 23, in the afternoon, an endangering decree, excluding access to this infrastructure contributing to the attractiveness of the emblematic work of the City of the Moon. However, it should be noted that the other parts of the café-restaurant (room and terrace on the rue du pont side) remain accessible.

This Monday at noon, experts from the homeowners’ insurer began to assess the damage, on site, alongside representatives of the town hall. “It is a private wall but it is a place of reception for the public, the City is supporting”, explains Ludovic Appelghem, works assistant. “Another expert is expected to try to understand the reasons for this landslide. Is it a problem of obsolescence, storm water flow, a pipe accident? The answer may take time. “

This Monday, the possibility of emergency repairs (at the expense of the owners) does not arise. “We will maintain surveillance throughout this period of high tides. If it gets worse, we can make other decisions. ” The sight of fractures along this wall, which has seen extensions in the past, prompts us to be ready to respond.

* The Rohan Bridge separates the river Elorn upstream from the maritime Elorn downstream. About ten private individuals and the departmental council own sections of the structure. Its heritage classification, currently under study, could unlock the granting of welcome grants for its consolidation.

Will we be celebrating the 1,000 years of the Pont de Rohan? Andrée Le Gall-Sanquer does not venture to such a projection. The president of the Landernean heritage association Dourdon can tell more specifically about the celebrations of the 500 years of the reconstruction of the inhabited structure, in 2010, in which she naturally participated.

On the front side, in the festivities, but also on the tails, under the apron, where the spectacle seemed less cheerful.

“I went, with a group, under the bridge, to approach the six arches. We discovered many weaknesses there, “said the one who was not on her first alert on the condition of the bridge. “As early as 1987, with the association, we campaigned for trucks to stop using it.”

Claim heard. Jean-Pierre Thomin, mayor from 1989 to 2008, was going to ban automobile traffic (with the exception of delivery trucks) on rue du Pont, long classified as a departmental road. The local authority also retains its title to part of the structure. And honor it. In 2015, the Department carried out work to reinforce the arches, rafts and some vertical walls.

But not being the sole owner, he can’t fix it all up. “The inhabited bridge belongs to a dozen different private individuals. All owners of the foundations of their property, ”recalls Ludovic Appelghem. The decision to undertake work is therefore theirs by right.

The City is careful not to use its power of formal notice. In addition, the ongoing episode of the collapse of a wall under the terrace of the Goéland does not worry Ludovic Appelghem to the point of fearing the complete collapse of the most famous of Landern’s bridges. “We’re still going to commission an expert appraisal on the whole. The architect of the Buildings of France is also monitoring the structure closely. He pointed out some joint problems to us ”.

The collapse of The Keltia pub lounge (replaced last year) marked another sign of vulnerability to the river currents, when the rising tide repeats its assaults on the bridge structure on the other side. Not enough to wash away the fears of Andrée Le Gall-Sanquer: “If work to consolidate the entire Rohan bridge is not carried out, one day we will mourn it”, she fears.

The heritage classification of this heterogeneous work (formed by architectural additions over time), in its entirety, could avoid the disaster scenario. This state recognition induces incentive subsidies for carrying out work (even private). But the classification procedure remains in progress. Maybe this weekend’s incident will speed it up.

Ironically, this Monday, August 23, the insurers and representatives of the City who came to the bedside of the crumbling Rohan bridge may have bumped into the two Unesco experts, visiting the candidate city, alongside the Park. regional nature of Armorique to the recognition Geopark d’Armorique. This label, which carries tourism benefits, promotes areas cemented by a geological heritage worthy of interest. Here it is stone!

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