The municipality has organized several highlights this summer with a varied and free program, as well as a showcase of local associations. The “Place aux mômes” festival was attended by 1,540 spectators of all ages during the eight shows on offer.

The average cost for the municipality was € 7 per person. The feedback has been very positive. The “Beaux jours des associations”, twice highlighting their richness and variety, were attended by 2,300 people, and the musical springboard for Abers 2022 was also a success with more than 1,000 people. present. It linked up with the semaphore association for the exhibitions of eleven artists and one on heritage, bringing in 3,300 visitors, including 1,040 for the Guenioc exhibition.

The municipality has also financially supported the associations “Arz chapelioù”, for the exhibition in the Sainte-Marguerite chapel, but also “(Re) birth theaters” for the Baladunes, which have been a great success, or the summer events of the fort Cezon. The inkjet festival, too, which broke new ground with a new drawing tour on the Aber-Wrac’h port, a round table at the Écume des mers media library, a comedy drawing competition intended for young people, and an artistic residency of the Horizons productions association.

It provided logistical support (communication and provision of places) for the summer walks of the Entente omnisports de Landéda (EOL), the virtual visit of the manor of Tromenec with the association Patrimoine des abers, and enhanced entertainment at the Aber-Wrac’h port with an increasingly lively pole around the garden.

Last episode of our series of podcasts devoted to exceptional Bretons with this portrait of the painter and plastic artist of Nantes origin Claude Cahun, linked to the surrealist movement and Resistance in Jersey during the Second World War.

During the Belle Époque, Marie-Louise Le Manac’h, alias Maï, had an unusual fate, from Belle-Isle-en-Terre to the Parisian and London palaces where she met Robert Mond, nicknamed the king of nickel. Maï la Bretonne became, in 1922, Lady Mond, one of the richest women in …

Worker, feminist, revolutionary who did not hesitate to take up arms and climb onto the barricades, before being arrested and sentenced to prison in New Caledonia… Brestoise Nathalie Lemel is one of the main actors of the Paris Commune in 1871, but unlike his colleague …

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