A truck overturned along the RN12, in Lamballe, Monday, September 6, 2021 at the exchange of Ville És Lan.

The accident, although spectacular, did not result in any injuries. The driver of the truck, a heavy truck carrying kibble for animal feed, comes off with a few scratches.

His vehicle overturned along the RN12, at Ville Ès Lan at the entrance to Lamballe, and caught fire around 6 a.m. on Monday, September 6, 2021, reinforcing the low visibility caused by a real pea puree .

Truck on fire Monday, September 6, 2021 on the RN12 at Ville es Lan in Lamballe pic.twitter.com/NaIVLHMEUd

No other vehicle was involved in the accident and the resources deployed, two fire trucks and a rescue vehicle, brought the incident under control within two hours.

Traffic on the 4-lane, which was cut off in both directions, as well as on the parallel roads was severely congested, causing significant slowdowns at the start of the day.

Another accident occurred later in the morning around 9 a.m. at Grâces near Guingamp. A collision between two light vehicles left at least one seriously injured while extrication. Traffic is interrupted in the direction of the RN12.

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