Before last season, LaMarcus Aldridge chained 13 consecutive seasons, to the Blazers then to the Spurs, by being systematically holder. A three-time substitute last year when he ended his stint in Texas, the seven-time All-Star is now the Nets’ 6th full-time man.

A choice that paid off for Steve Nash as the interior, still capable of strong outings, established itself as the team’s third offensive force behind Kevin Durant and James Harden.

This change of status is no less complicated for the person concerned to accept. “It’s very difficult,” he even told the New York Post. “When you’ve been a certain type of player for a whole career, it’s really different to come off the bench and not play a lot. So it’s difficult. I’m still trying to move on and find my place. “

The 36-year-old interior has to be content with around 20 minutes of play after playing 33 in 2019/20. Even more questionable, in front of him in the rotation, Blake Griffin is far less performing offensively.

And the fact that he was briefly retired didn’t help much to get used to this new situation.

“It’s an ongoing battle. […] There are always times when it’s hard not to be on the pitch at times and not to start. But I came back to win, I wanted to be here and try to win the title. So if that’s my role, so be it. “

Patty Mills, with whom he played at Spurs, praises his professional qualities and the fact that he is always able to find a way to have “an impact on the game. But obviously it’s new to him” , notes the shooter used to this role when leaving the bench.

LaMarcus Aldridge says he understands the choice of his coach, to get him off the bench to save him but also to balance the offensive forces of his different five.

“I fully understand that you have to try to be cool, to save my legs. But I also realize that you have to play a bit for the legs to be able to take 30 minutes. So I see both sides. But I really understand that it’s more about the long term and not about trying to play 30 minutes straight away. “

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