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Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson commented on Friday, November 26th, concerned about the involvement of one of the Dargani siblings’ attorneys supposed to work for a House member.

Lacson raised the issue on Friday when he revealed that Daryl Valles, one of the Dargani attorneys -Siblings, had worked for the President’s Special Assistant until March 1, 2021, and quoted the new President Spokesman.

“And he’s been with the Office of Member of the House of Representatives, “Lacson said at the Senate Blue Ribbon hearing on the 2020 Commission on Audit (COA) report on the Department of Health (DOH) budget use in the fight against COVID-19.

Pharmally -Manager Mohit Dargani, who was with his sister Twinkle when they were both recently arrested, replied that he believed Valles “was linked to the House of Representatives, but he left that job.”

Lacson then asked Dargani As to whether he really knew, Dargani replied, “I’ll take his (Valles) word for it.”

Lacson said that if Valles was still associated with the House of Representatives at this point, he was breaking Republic Act 6713, the ethical ones Standards for Government Employees.

Pursuant to Section 7 Paragraph (b) (2) of the Act, it is unlawful to “engage in the private pursuit of their profession unless the Constitution or the law permits it, provided that s such an exercise does not conflict with or tend to conflict with its official ”. Features. ”

The law punishes such violations with a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine of up to P5,000. Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Richard Gordon directed the panel to review the status of Valles.

“While he has limited authority from the House Speaker, the restriction is Meron Paring. Kung government ang kalaban sa kaso, he is not allowed to practice his profession, no matter how restricted (Even though Valles had limited powers from the Speaker of the House of Representatives, there is still a limitation. If you negotiate against the government, you will not be allowed to do so Exercise your profession, no matter how limited), ”said Lacson.