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Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has made efforts to get a Renewed a fairer share of the state budget for local government units (LGUs) so that they can finance their own development programs.

Lacson, who presented his presidential candidacy in the upcoming elections in May 2022, made the pitch during his visit to Davao del Norte, where he and Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III of officials of the Partido Reporma under the direction of former Spr echer of the House of Representatives and Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez, the party president.

On the weekend Lacson and Sotto visited Davao del Norte when the incumbent officials took their oaths as members of the Partido Reporma. Lacson is currently chairman of Partido Reporma, while Sotto, his vice-presidential bet, chairs the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC). “There is a huge gap between the needs and priorities of the LGUs and the state budget,” Lacson said a meeting with local officials in the provincial capital.

“Because of this separation, billions of pesos are wasted in unused and misused funds in the state budget due to a lack of planning and adequate consultation,” he said.

Lacson pointed out, that he has long been pushing for Senate Bill No. 23 or the Advocacy for Village Empowerment (BRAVE) budget reform to be passed to ensure LGUs receive enough funding for their development projects.

The Senator assured Davao del Norte – and all other LGUs in the country – can benefit from the passing of the BRAVE law.

According to Lacson, the law draft urf ensure that local governments receive funding for development projects at the barangay, township, city and provincial levels.

In pushing for the bill, legislators found that a large percentage of the state budget is unused year after year.

“By giving LGUs the means they need to actively participate in the development of our country, we will end the culture of begging and political patronage that flourish viciously in our system,” Lacson said in his elusive integrative bill Growth that we all strive for as a nation, ”he said.