Tuesday, November 30, 2021, in Louise Aubery’s InPower podcast, Léa Salamé confided in the day when she was “a little heavily” dredged up by a politician. An interview in which the journalist returned to these strong advances.

A key public service interviewer, Léa Salamé is a seasoned journalist. Whether on the airwaves of France Inter in the morning or alongside Laurent Ruquier in We live every Saturday on France 2, the one covering the presidential campaign in the Elysée 2022 program never stops. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the author of the book Powerful Women (Les Arènes) spoke about her career and her debut in the InPower podcast. If at 42, she declared to Louise Aubery that she was now one of the “old people”, she also did not hesitate to reveal a disturbing anecdote. “A very, very well-known politician, when I was 25, had flirted with me a little, I won’t say his name, a little heavily. He was a fairly charismatic guy,” said the one who shares the life of Raphaël Glucksmann. And to continue, still on the subject of this memory: “He told me: ’40-year-old women are at the peak of their life, of their beauty, of their power.’ I did not understand at all . I had the impression that he was telling me that at 25, I was ugly! “

Today, the blooming mother of a little Gabriel born in 2017, Léa Salamé thus evoked the memory of this politician by declaring that he “was right”: “It is the only thing that I leave him right”. However, Thomas Sotto’s colleague preferred to set things straight so as not to create a controversy: “There was no harassment, but a form of sustained flirting”. So, what is really Léa Salamé’s worst memory on a television set? In July 2020, on LCP, she revealed that her “worst memory” dates back to 2016, with Alain Juppé. “Me, I just landed from Laurent Ruquier in We are not lying, so I am in a way of asking my questions which is very pungent. It was the Ruquier style”, explained, specifying having “put time to spend in the more statutory style of political broadcasting. ” Moreover, the ex-Prime Minister of Jacques Chirac had not made it easy for him. “I was alone, I was trying to titillate him and he didn’t want to play the game. He wasn’t even calculating me.”

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