Stade Rochelle hooker Pierre Bourgarit during a Top 14 match against Union Bordeaux-Bègles at Marcel-Deflandre stadium in La Rochelle, November 5, 2021 – ROMAIN PERROCHEAU © 2019 AFP

It’s over at Deflandre! In very complicated conditions, La Rochelle won at home against LOU with the offensive bonus and climbed back into the top 4 of the championship. The Maritimes relied on a dominant melee, a serene Dulin and an excellent Greg Alldritt!

Things heat up a bit between the two teams, a bit of frustration for Lyon who have had too few chances tonight. There is little time left to score a try!

Everything starts from a little overhead collected by Dulin and after a lot of playing time, it’s Herrera who comes to flatten the bonus test! La Rochelle will win tonight! West inquille, 25 to 3!

Nice reaction from the LOU which sets up the playing times and even obtains a penalty! We want this test on the Lyonnais side and we are obviously going into touch!

It is deserved for La Rochelle! After a huge ball carried, Lavault crumbles in the in-goal and thus marks the second Rochelle try of the game! West misses the transformation, 18 to 3!

It heats up in front of the Lyon in-goal with a kick to be followed by Boudehent! Sopoaga is opening but he is shut up. Finally Pelissie clears his camp!

Penalty for Les Maitimes after a foul on the ground of the Lyonnais! Cretin came sideways on a clearing and West went into touch!

Another 20 minutes to play in this meeting and La Rochelle tries to drive home the point with another try! The LOU resists much better!

Kerr Barlow throws at Dulin who tries a low diagonal towards Buliruarua! The Rochelais winger thinks to score but Laporte is quicker and flattens!

Difficult to comment on this type of meeting where the melee is linked … in favor of the LOU this time! The Rochelais pillar has grown across!

Always so little play in this meeting! Both teams make a lot of mistakes with dropped balls, stoppages and the first changes!

On the melee, Reda Wardi hurts his neck and stays on the ground … He loses his support on contact with his screw-screw.

Huge test opportunity for La Rochelle who thought they had scored on a lifted ball! Alldritt pushes ahead just before planting a second try!

Another 40 minutes to play in this meeting between Stade Rochelais and LOU!

It’s half-time! La Rochelle is ahead 13-3 against LOU in very complicated playing conditions! Rain and wind altered the offensive phases of play, but Alldritt nevertheless crossed the line once in this encounter. The LOU is in big trouble on all the scrums.

New melee penalty obtained by La Rochelle! In good shape for this match, Ihia West will take the points on the 35 meters … but missing the boat!

Penalty for the LOU after an offside position of Atonio and Bourgarit! Just in front of the in-goal, the Lyonnais prefer to take the points and Berdeu inquires! 13 to 3!

The LOU reacts immediately with a low kick that Alldritt thinks he will recover by sliding but he loses control in the fight with Niniashvili! The Georgian seems to score … BUT IT IS REFUSED ?? !

Immediately the sanction after the yellow card! After a series of pick and go, Alldritt escapes on the side of the ruck and ends up on the in-goal line! West inquire, 13-0!

Yellow card for Taufete’e for another foul in melee … He goes to the fridge for 10 minutes and leaves his team outnumbered until the break!

It’s a real Lyonnaise butcher shop in melee … New penalty against Taofifenua who folds against Wardi! The referee is obliged to call him to order on this action.

New penalty for La Rochelle which still hurts on the melee! Lyo suffers and must concede a penalty in his own 22 yards … West inquires, 6-0!

The rain combined with a strong wind alters the playing conditions of both teams! There is a lot of kicking play but Dulin, like Laporte, is very good below!

After a good phase of the LOU, Berdeu tried a little over for his crosses but Dulin had seen it all! He grabs the ball by sliding on his knees, nice gesture!

Superb play at the foot of Laporte who finds a touch in the opposing 22 meters! It’s a 50:22 and therefore possession ahead for the LOU!

After 3 scuffles, La Rochelle came out on top with two penalties and a broken arm! Dulin clears his camp!

Penalty for La Rochelle after a melee link problem for the Lyon forwards. This time we take the goal at the level of 50 meters in front … but facing the wind! West puts the right power, 3 to 0!

The two teams have a simple game plan with quite a few high balls already! For the moment no worries for the rear!

First penalty for La Rochelle with a Lyon offside position! West decides to go in touch, we want the try now!

And let’s go for this La Rochelle-Lyon, third and last match of this 13th day of Top 14!

For its movement in La Rochelle land, the LOU will have to do without certain executives. Doussain and Barrassi are injured while Demba Bamba is absent. AT?? note the first scoresheet for young English prospect Kpoku and the start of Guillard. Cretin will be the Lyon captain.

Laporte – Dumortier, Parisien, Regard, Niniashvili – (o) Berdeu, (m) J. Pélissià © – Guillard, Fainga’a, Cretin (cap.) – Mayanavanua, Kpoku – Taufete’e, Ivaldi, S.  Taofifenua.

The Rochelais align the Kerr-Barlow-West hinge. Alldritt is captain, he will form the third line of La Rochelle with Vito and Boudehent. Jonathan Danty also starts in the center.

1. Wardi, 2. Bourgarit, 3. Atonio, 4. Sazy, 5. Skelton, 6. Boudehent, 7. Vito, 8. Alldritt (cap), 9. Kerr-Barlow, 10. West, 11. Favre, 12. Danty, 13. Sinzelle, 14. Buliruarua, 15. Dulin

Substitutes: 16. Lagrange, 17. Aouf, 18. Lavault, 19. Liebenberg, 20. Berjon, 21. Popelin, 22. Rhule, 23. Herrera

Good evening everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the Boxing Day of the 13th day of Top 14. After the postponement of 4 matches, the championship continues as best they can with the meeting between La Rochelle and LOU! Two top 6 competitors who must earn the maximum number of points, kick off at 9:05 pm!