New penalty in favor of the Maritimes after a good scraping from Popelin. Stade Rochelais gets an interesting throw in the English 22 meters.

Boudehent captures Bourgarit’s throw well and allows the maul to organize in front of his 22. Kerr-Barlow hits a candle in stride.

Joseph is sent as the first attacker out of touch and he quickly releases his ball for Redpath who plays on foot and finds a touch in front of the 22 meters from La Rochelle.

Danty try (11-0)! Rhule is very close to being intercepted on a pass to the outside but he recovers the ball and shifts Danty well who accelerates along the line for more than 20 meters to slip into the in-goal.

Ball lost by the Maritimes after several charges a few meters from the line. Spencer releases far ahead.

Spencer finally plays on foot to give himself some air. A candle directly in the arms of Dulin who obtains a penalty in the air. Kerr-Barlow plays fast and goes up the field to the opposing 22 yards.

The English do not manage to cross the La Rochelle defense and lose ground in their 40 meters. They retain possession despite the pressure.

Danty attacks the line off the sideline and gets a new penalty for a foul from Clark. Popelin has the opportunity to score three additional points.

Penalty for Stade Rochelais after a good contest by Alldritt. Popelin brings the game back to the English camp.

The catch of the ball is ensured by the alignment of Bath which tries to gain ground but retreats in the face of maritime impacts.

Penalty for Bath this time on this scrum in favor of the Rochelais. Spencer taps into touch in the opposite 22 yards.

The English dismissal goes directly into touch. La Rochelle recovers a scrum in the center of the field.

The ball goes out of the scrum for Dulin who hits a low kick. Prydie is under pressure in his 22 meters but Mr. Evans returns to the penalty in favor of the Maritimes in close scrum.